Mixed Game Tourneys - Vegas and Beyond

Question by BigTommy Posted

I usually played the mixed game tourneys at Green Valley. Just enjoy them a lot more.

Anyone have any thoughts on other places that have a good valued mixed game tourney in Vegas? I'm also planning on getting out on the road more (LA, FL, etc.) and play more. What are some other good ones to play?

While I'm at it, WSOP is coming up and playing all the mixed game tourneys are my prep. What events have been the best value to play in mixed games? Seems like the fields are pretty rough.


  1. During the WSOP the Golden Nugget Grand Poker Series has a lot of mixed and non-NLHE tournaments so be sure to check that out.

  2. Locally a lot of people like the Orleans. Not a lot of opportunities for mixed games tourneys in Vegas.

  3. WSOP mixed game fields are pretty tough. Lower buy-ins may be safer because of bad/inexperienced players. But if you aren't truly proficient in them, don't mess with the high buy-ins. Big names always tear them up.

  4. Orleans has a weekly ROSE tournament (Razz, Omaha8, Stud, Stud8) and I think a HORSE tournament on Sundays as well. There are no mixed game tourneys in LA or Florida, gotta stay in Vegas for that.