new to the club

Question by Drewdangles88 Posted

What's up guys, new to the club and was just curious what everyone thinks of new players. Played a lot of online poker and understand the game. Just never played seriously. Is everyone pretty helpful as far as etiquette goes? Is the poker community pretty relaxed?


  1. Yes and no. There are some people who are more patient with newbies than others. Of course, it goes without saying that there are assholes everywhere. I personally tend to cut new players a little more slack, though. Just a couple of pointers, though. 1. Don't talk about the hand while it's going on. 2. If you know your hand is the nuts, go ahead and show. You don't want a reputation for slow rolling. Also, if you win a big pot, don't leave immediately after. Play 2 orbits of the button, then leave.