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Anybody got a hot tip for today's games? I am leaning toward Cincy with 3 over Denver...but not so sure. Wake up Hamster!


  1. I like New Orleans laying 5.5 at home against Atlanta. It's essentially a playoff game for the NFC South and New Orleans is a tough team to beat in the Superdome.

    I also kind of like Cleveland getting 5.5 against Carolina. Cleveland looked so bad last week that I think the line is artificially inflated bc of how bad they looked and now everyone thinks they suck.

  2. Thanks Benton....I can dig the Saints at home. What are your thoughts on the over at 36.5 for cardinals vs. seachickens? I think 21 to 17 is a definite possibility.

  3. Ok...taking your pick for the Saints...makes Falcons have not impressed.

  4. @txevans 36.5 seems low for an NFL game. Looks like a trap number. I wouldn't play it. Plus it opened 43 and you really can't play the under now knowing you could have gotten it 6.5 points better. So over is the only play if you absolutely feel you have to play it. Seems like a trap game to me though.

  5. @txevans I hope you bet both my picks. 1-1 so juice out. New Orleans never showed up and didn't get much help from the refs. At least CLE covered.

  6. @BentonBlakeman you know..I didn't hit cleveland...did saints as over on cardinals/seahawks

  7. @txevans I meant to say that I took the Saints to win and got the over on Cards game. Let's hope the Seahawks are not in a conservative mood!

  8. I took Raiders +7 as they don't usually get blown out at home.

    Took ARI +9. I like home dogs, especially large ones.

  9. @thamster goddammit hamster...where you at when I need you!

  10. @txevans dont thank me yet... SEA-ARI turning into blowout...

    I also took sd-sf under yesterday too....

  11. @thamster well I just need 37 points don't care who wins

  12. @txevans yeahhhhhhhhhhh......go hawks.....thank you for saving my day.....and bankroll....although I just cannot get ahead with this sports betting crap!

  13. Awesome. Looks like it may fall in between the 43 it opened at and the 36.5 where it was most of the day. Glad you took the over in that one. I got on it as well at 36.5 so 2-1 for the day (+0.9 units). I'm fine with that outcome.

  14. It's a trap!

  15. @thamster ok...does anyone like Cincy tomorrow night?

  16. I like DEN (ML or ATS) and O