No limit ruling request

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Got into it with one of the floor managers at a local casino in Los Angeles. The conversation ended with me telling him he didn't know the rules and he telling me the same. Would like to hear from community on the following scenario.

I'm the button in seat 8 playing heads up with seat 3. (NL Holdem $100-300). I have $66 left and he has $80. The river is dealt. He checks. I bet $60. He immediately pushes his $80 in chips. I call and throw in the remaining $6 I have left. I table my cards showing two pairs. He folds. Dealer pays me only $60 stating that him pushing in all his chips in the amount of $80 did not constitute a raise and was only a call because he needed to have at least $90 for it to be a raise. The floor managers agrees. In my opinion, beacuse he pushed all of his remaining chips in, it is all in raise. What say you?


  1. You are correct. But the floor is not ENTIRELY incorrect: his bet was NOT enough for a legal raise (but since he was all in, it was legal)- but it was still not enough to be a legal raise and therefore open the door to you reraising . I know, no point to that as you were the only other player, but if there was a third player, after you, you could not reraise to him.

  2. @Smeagol8 thanks for your input.

  3. @bluepacificlend which casino was this? Of course he needs to pay $6. He basically put you all in. This looks like the dealer was just angling to help give the other guy a discount cause he tips him well.

  4. @bluepacificlend was it heads up or were there more players in the hand? That actually make a slight difference.

  5. @jonwu it was heads up. At the Bike

  6. At the end of the day, was it really worth all the conflict and BS over an extra $6?

  7. @soloasylum Yes it is worth the conflict and a clear ruling from a room manager. It was 6 dollars in this pot. Suppose it had been a 60 question or 600 or 6000 ? The actions and question do not change so you need to make certain the dealer is correct in that room and then you can make a decision to play there again or not.

  8. The floor has a wide discretion. He ruled what he ruled. On another occasion, he may rule it the other way.

    This is what you did not point out:

    The denomination of your $66 in chips. You bet $60. If the $60 was two greens and two reds, it is easy for the other player to add up. However, if the chips were 40 whites and 4 reds and not broken into stacks, he can easily not know how much you bet (providing there was not a verbal by you).

    In that case, it can be argued that he was putting his stack in to cover whatever your bunch of chips added up to.