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I guess Poker Near Me was gobbled up by PokerAtlas. Doesn't matter to me, EXCEPT that one of the best parts of PNM was that they provided the return to players percentage of all tournaments. This number is extremely helpful in deciding which tournaments are the best deal. Why can't PokerAtlas give us the same?


  1. I of course am referring to iPhone apps.

  2. Little extra homework but ive found you get much better ROI if you call the casino ask how much of your buy in makes it to the prize pool, how much of the add on (if there is one) goes into the pool, and how much (if any) will the casino be adding. Some my local casinos add massive equity to the low buy in tourneys and others take more than a quarter of each buy in for the house.

  3. @EyeSmoke1 I live in Vegas so I don't want to do the extra homework. All those calculations you make were done by the PNM app. It also told you if they raided the prize pool to pay tokes to dealers and staff (usually 3% in LV).

  4. @holdem64 - if you click on a tournament, you'll get the dollar figures for "administration fee" (house take) as well as information on the addons. For instance, for the 10PM at Golden Nugget on Tuesday night:

    Total Buy-In
    Entry Fee
    Admin Fee
    Starting Chips
    Staff Bonus
    Staff Bonus Chips
    Rebuy Cost
    Rebuy Chips
    Through first three levels.


    P.S. It would be more useful "at a glance" to have the admin fee or amount in the prize pool right on the main tournament listings page, so I'm e-mailing a suggestion to do that.

  5. @Dap Poker I guess PNM spoiled me, but I really appreciated seeing the ROI in percentage form right there on the main listing page. It's a very important number, and varies widely from room to room. Thanks for forwarding the suggestion.