Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Tournaments

Question by broncos win about Caesars Palace Posted

Is Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas going to start having tournaments again? If so how soon? Too many poker venues have either stopped poker all together, eliminated tournaments, and or changed the structures. I saw that Caesar's has an add on after 6 blinds. I don't know if I favor that as it raises your investment into that tournament.


  1. LOL! You obviously didn't hear that PH is eliminating its poker room altogether in two weeks.

  2. Nope didn't here that. Another on bites the dust. I won't miss it as much as I will miss The Mirage Poker Room.@StevieD54

  3. @Greenblood90 Bellagio poker room still open ???

  4. @levineben as of a couple days ago, yes. Was relatively busy

  5. If Vegas keeps closing more poker rooms, I will just play in Arizona. I play Vegas for the variety of poker rooms close to each other. Maybe play sometimes at Blackhawk Co, but it's expensive so far as rooms.

  6. Poker is so fun in Vegas now . . . Not