please help me find poker game (Texas hold em )

Question by Bubble1214 Posted

25 year old I live in Milton delaware . Looking for maybe a home game or just anywhere to play Texas hold 'em


  1. Well you're a 2 hour drive away from Maryland Live

  2. @soloasylum yea I know

  3. Message me i can put u in a poker club on app

  4. 75 mins south of Delaware Park. Go there.

  5. He is looking for a home game but casino is less than 2hrs away. Be care sounds like possible a rob a home game.

  6. @rickster60 lol I’m 25 I’m gonna rob a home game?? are you nuts lmaoooo look at my profile pic 🧐 maybe rob them of their chips when I beat them that’s about it haha

  7. @rickster60 and yes looking to not drive an hour and a half ....... lol