Poker Podcasts

Question by pokervane Posted

What is your favorite poker-related podcast and why?


  1. I would love to find out if there are any good ones these days. I used to listen to the Circuit and some PokerRoad stuff back in the day but haven't kept up with what's good lately.

  2. @JonFriedberg For keeping up with news, events and the community the Two Plus Two Pokercast is still going strong. For strategy Thinking Poker and Tournament Poker Edge have good podcasts.

  3. I prefer to listen to live shows, has live shows nightly, including my own show on Tuesday nights, Beyond the Grind and an upcoming new show "The BigAss Poker Show" on Wednesday nights starting this week in October.

  4. AnteUp. Two guys who play like I do. Not overly focused on $$$ tournaments. Still feels like the home game that started it years ago.