Poker Stars Pennsylvania can I play?

Question by rickyrm Posted

I was wondering if I'm staying in a motel in Pennsylvania can I play on Poker Star Pennsylvania?

I was planning on spending a weekend in Pennsylvania and planning on playing some online tournaments on Poker Star.

One other thing when are the bigger money tournaments being played on Poker Star?

I'm from Ohio.

Thanks in advance


  1. As long as the hotel's wifi is also in Pennsylvania, you should be able to play without an issue.

    There are some hotels where the wifi may connect to another state.

  2. Yes, you can. I’d recommend setting up and funding your account before going, though. It took me a couple of days to deposit. Some cards don’t allow gambling deposits, even where it’s legal (ridiculous). Visa seemed to be the way to go, and a Skrill account works but takes 5 days to clear.

    You can actually download the app and check out the tournaments even when you’re out of state. Sunday had the best tournaments so id recommend staying through Sunday night if possible.