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I'm interested in playing $1/$2 NL at Pop's . However , the buyin and payout seems confusing . Are you paid in real money when you cash out or bar credit for future events? So , if I start with $300 at $1-$2 NL Cash , and run it up to $650, do I receive $650 in cash ?
The game seems to have a seat timer and tanks players by winning amounts .
If some one has played there let me know . I plan on going up Saturday or Sunday Dec 18-19
Thanks Frogman


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  2. [iits a regular cash game. $5 "fee" to buy in, and then you buy chips with cash just like a normal cash game. Cash out whenever for whatever you got.

    The time tracker is only for giving bar credit for players who play longer.[/b][/i][/i]t23

  3. @rmcjacket23 yes everything is normal play cash in cash out but the timer is like at a casino and you get comp dollars for bar and food put on your pops poker card

  4. I'm still trying to figure out if/how its legal. I want to play but I need to make sure things are good.

  5. Curr3ntly itw a "legal loophole" as a charity poker game. Not really concerned about getting arrested.

  6. @rmcjacket23
    Thanks for reply

  7. @rmcjacket23
    Thanks fir the info / I’m occasionally in Richmond visiting family . Good information

  8. @Spin359 totally understand,
    I would take my chances, the law usually wants the operators and not the participants

  9. Would it be safe for a convicted felon to play in this game? IEven if I didn't pack any heat?

  10. @Kane88 Are any felons not convicted?

  11. Yes, it's called living on the lam.

  12. @Kane88 Pops doesn’t care about history with the law. As long as you follow the rules and don’t bring weapons on the property.