Rake in Texas

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It seems like a lot of places are now taking a rake, I thought that was illegal in Texas? Why would people want a rake taken instead of just paying the fee for the seat. I would think it is cheaper?


  1. Every body got to eat!!!!

  2. @Ruperto Then just charge an hourly fee and keep it legal. I know I am not in Vegas, so why risk it with not doing it the right way.

  3. Do it the right way if not they shut u down quick in Texas

  4. It's probably not a rake bit just pulling a set amount for any promotions. Rakes are illegal in Texas.

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    Table rake isn’t exactly “illegal”but time fees are just a time rake, that’s why they don’t have to rake the table when you pay fees. Table rake games have been around in Texas long before time rake. The law says “ if the house profits that’s what makes poker illegal”. If you want to run a true legal game in TX you can, just no rake no tipping and no selling anything” like food or refreshments”. Just have to give it all away. Table rake isn’t any more legal or illegal over time rake, time rake is just way better because they get all your money upfront in fee’s so if you lose you end up losing from both ends. I see guys who buy in 200 in a 1/3nl game and have paid thousands in time rake. There’s a lot of bad information out there from ignorant people but that’s life. The 3 rooms that were raided in Houston were all time rake. Time rake is also called a “Degen tax” or “ newbie tax” because it’s degenerates with a gambling problem or newbies that don’t know. If you’re playing 1/3nl that table rakes $7 at $100 but gives you free food, alcohol, drinks etc your money is better spent all going on the table. The dead money fees add up quick and then you’re playing to win your money back. Basically it’s all personal preference. I know on the 1/3nl game I play they avg 60-90 an hour and that’s taking zero for heads up pots or pots under 40. Then it’s a $1 starting at $50 up to $7 max out of $110 pot. Hourly rooms that get money up front at $10 an hour get $90 per hour no matter how good or bad the game is. If our game has 100-200 stacks with no action we might get 15-20 an hour. Some time rooms you can pay for time in chips and tip with play chips so they are still taking over $100 off the table even though you paid a time take to keep chips on table. I was at a room last night where in 30 minutes the dealer took $26 off table in tips and players paid $100 in time off their short stacks. So $126 still came off the table in 30 minutes even though I was at an hourly room. Basically you’re gonna pay rake one way or another and the other night I was paying triple rake I felt. One isn’t any more legal or illegal than the other.