Resorts World vs Aria vs Wynn play & stay


Going to Vegas beginning of June Thursday to Sunday for a few nights. Plan to play poker every day for 6+ hours and mainly play $1/$3 and occasionally $2/$5. Unlikely but would do a sub-$400 tournament if I was in the right mood.

Considering wait time, level of play, rake, comps, and the quality of the hotel itself, where would you recommend I stay?

I’ve never even set foot in Resorts World so that’s the hotel I least know about but they seem to have a very good poker room rates. I have MGM rewards so I am getting my room at a decent price at the Aria but it would certainly be more expensive than RW.

Wynn’s poker room rates are much less than their regular rates so it’s appealing to me, but I hear wait times are long these days and that there are a lot more pros or highly skilled players these days. I am concerned I won’t get my minimum playing time requirement because of the wait time. Also, I can certainly hold my own but would rather take money from tourist who don’t mind losing versus battling it out with other skilled players for every dollar.


  1. denna webbplats är mycket bra

  2. MGM Grand for cash and Ballys for tournaments imo