"Round of Each" in the US?

Question by DanMcArdle Posted

On a trip to Ireland a few years ago, I remember a number of casinos I played in offered "round of each" games, which was just alternating orbits of Omaha Hi and Texas Hold'em. That was a pretty nice mix, in my opinion, and I'd love it if casinos spread that in the US. Anyone ever see that here?


  1. we use to on the suncruz down in florida, many moons ago. we had a round of 10/20 limit hold em then a round of omaha hi/lo. i think the reason that casinos dont do it much is bcuz of bad beat jackpots and such. bcuz omaha doesnt have a bad beat or if it does it is per table. so 4 round and round , the poker room 4 the table would need to different rake boxes to keep the money str8, imo.