Rules Question/how much do you value bet

Question by Krusherlaw Posted

I was playing a $1/3 game at the Horsehoe Baltimore yesterday afternoon when this situation came up.

I turn the nut flush. V checks, I bet, V calls.

River does not pair the board so I still have the nuts. V checks and I grab some chips and as I start to be V says "whatever it is I call."

Pot- about $120
I have about $140 left, V has me covered.

Rules question- is v committed to calling an all in?
If not how much do I bet?


  1. depends on the rules of the room, but generally: verbal is binding in turn. since there is no
    bet yet by you, there is no action and therefore no bet to call.

  2. I agree that there might be some inconsistency in the rules from casino to casino and especially in a new casino the enforcement might vary from floor to floor. My guess is that a player cannot call a bet which has not been made. Therefore, his statement is not binding.

    When the board did not pair my plan was to shove. But, given his statement I thought maybe he was acting strong with a weak hand. I decided to make a bet he would likely call. I bet $90. V called.

    Later in the session he told me he had two pair and would have called a shove.

  3. I've honestly seen things like this enforced both ways. My thinking would be that in the best interest of the game, a floor should force a call of any bet. If not, then it would allow the V an angle shot -- saying he'd call anything to make you either check or bet smaller with any hand less than the nuts.

    To answer your other question, of what to bet, I think I probably still shove. I like it less after that statement by V because I think it looks really strong on "our" part, but you set up to shove river, so I think you have to go ahead.


  4. @Dap Poker Maybe he meant it as an angle shoot but I think he gave away some free information about his hand.

  5. @robvegaspoker Thanks for the link Rob. To Answer your question about the Shoe it opened Tuesday at 9:00 PM. Since I still work for a living I could not make it that late on a weeknight. Stopped by the next day. Great place, solid poker room. I posted a review here:

  6. Assuming the Villain is committed to calling is questionable. I believe that Villain's actually would not be binding because it is done out-of-turn (action was on you to bet, but he beat you to it). Could be angle shooting, could just be stubborn truth that he will call anything. Do you have any reads on the player that might lead you to believe one versus the other? Absent a read specific to this villain, I'd bet $60. To me, his comment actually reads weak. Sort of like "don't bother bluffing, because I'll call any amount". That sort of strong statement usually means weak. So, I want to give this hand good odds (three-to-one) to call. So, I bet half pot. However, if this player seems very straight forward or something about the villain makes me read strong (say, the way he is talking... his voice and demeanor during the end stages of the hand.. ), then I obviously shove if I think he is strong. Based on limited info, I read Villain as weak.

  7. @allin67 Perfect.
    Although I push all in just to make a point of the assclown at the table, show my cards and continue to take his money the rest of the night while he chases me :).

  8. Before doing anything, I would ask the floor if his verbal statement is binding. And if it is, I would then shove. If he says it is not, I would still go all in...since this way it looks like you could be bluffing.