should i come to vegas during wsop?

Question by jjwr247 Posted

are the cash games better during wsop? i probably wont play any tourneys.


  1. Rob
    • Rob

    Yes. Yes. Yes. The poker is awesome in Vegas during the WSOP, you can't go wrong. If you like wild cash games, check at the cash game section at the WSOP venue of the Rio during the event. Not for the timid, I assure you. But cash games all around town are busier, bigger, and wilder during this time.

    Vegas is the Mecca of the poker world during the WSOP, every poker player needs to experience it at least once.

  2. Ummmmm YES. Definitely. Amazing games at all stakes.

  3. Nothing like it. Gotta be there! Games are great and atmosphere is electric.

  4. alright then. you guys convinced me! now i gotta convince my wife

  5. We used to come to Vegas 4-5 weeks spread out over the year. Now we just come for an extended stay during the series. it's the best time to come!!

  6. What casinos would have a varied amount of poker to play with mainly donkeys as well thxs

  7. @BLOODYRVR The cash games at the Rio during the WSOP are great. Years ago there was spillover to the Palms across the street, but I don't know if that's true any more.

  8. @robustus The palms sucks. Very rude and your lucky if you get a 1-2 nl going. Usually just limit. I got kicked out of there (Only place in vegas that ever happened for me) because I called the dealer an ahole and when I did the whole table applauded and said YES! About time someone said something! They didnt talk to the dealer at all, just booted me. Dealers are ride as hell to their customers there. Probably why theres one game going if youre lucky. The only reason I played is because I was staying there. Never again.

  9. Oh to answer your question jjwr247 - yes its a blast. Lots of players. I recommend the Bellagio or Aria. I have heard though that its not a good place for cash at higher stakes. Remember the best players in the world are there so Ive heard 5-10 and above isnt soft however if you're just a 1-2 or probably 2-5 player there are a LOT of weak players so if you're decent you should do well.

  10. Great games and lots of fun action - there's no place like it!

  11. Any time is a good time but WSOP is the BEST