**TDA All-In Ruling advice/help***

Question by bluepacificlend Posted

Hello All. I like to know if anybody can refer me to where I can find this rule in the TDA rule book.

Scenario: 2 players heads up. On the river player 1 checks. Player 2 who is on the button bets 100. Player 1 pushes all of his chips, totaling 135, forward and immediately opens his hand without saying a word. Without officials saying call Player 2 opens his hand and exposes the nuts.

Is player 2 entitled to the expectation tire 135 in chips or only the initial 100 he originally bet?


  1. ***correction. Is player 2 entitled to the entire 135 all in chips or only the 100 originally bet?

  2. @bluepacificlend i personally think this is a situation that doesnt require a rule... the nuts is always calling... player 1 shouldnt have exposed his cards prematurely either but player 2 exposing the nuts (imho) represents the call... some rooms may need an official declaration or a chip thrown in for the cameras whereby the dealer would then need to ask player 2 to declare his action officially...

  3. Once he pushed his chip all-in, do you really need it to be declared?
    If your prior beat is more than his 135, there's no more beating. You have to turn them up anyway.
    If you get beat fairly don't look for a cheap win

  4. Exposing your cards does not kill your hand.
    Action is on Player 2 who can simply say, "yes, I call."