Vegas Casino Table For Friendly Private Group

Question by Birdy Posted

5 of us are headed to Vegas in May. 2 of us are competent poker players, the other 3 not so much, but we'd like to try and find a room that would accommodate the 5 of us in a private game with dealer and no other players (Tourney, SnG or Cash, it really doesn't matter too much). I appreciate that weekend evenings would be out but does anyone have any thoughts on which rooms, if any, might be happy to help with something like this on say a Friday or Sunday afternoon for a couple of hours?
We'd be happy to pay whatever rake is the norm and realise that we'll probably end up out of pocket overall but this is just for a bit of fun and to help the lesser experienced guys have a game without loads of pressure and without the need for 4-5 hours of playing a tournament.


  1. There's a perfect room for u guys for a private game in Vegas. It's called...ur hotel room. Just take a chip set and a card deck with u.

  2. @JayZee we've been playing a regular home game to get the new guys up to speed but really want to try and find an accomodating poker room to get the guys a bit more involved.

  3. @JayZee Lol!

  4. Where are you from otherwise? Do you have card rooms around? No reason for a casino not to accommodate this if they have the chance as it’s guaranteed players, however I have not seen any poker rooms slow at the major casinos. You may be able to go far of strip to a locals place like poker palace but at that point why jot just try in your home state? Regardless, you’re all probably better off playing with other random tourists and maybe coach the less experienced players on playing a very tight range

  5. The Wetgate will do a private Sit N Go.

  6. Suggest calling some of the "2nd tier" (good but less popular) rooms up and seeing what they say. Assuming you're staying on the strip think it more likely Caesars, Horseshoe or MGM would do this than Venetian, Wynn Aria or Bellagio but you never know until you ask

  7. Caesar’s is incredibly busy these days, so I doubt they are an option.