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Question by marioarceo about Bicycle Casino Posted

When is a good time to go and not wait 3 hours?


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  2. Mentioning which casino would help. Lol

  3. @JayZee did you miss the heading? “Question by marioarceo about Bicycle Casino” ...

    @marioarceo commerce has mobile waitlist where u can get on waitlist for up to 5 diff games. Check in from home and hopefully kill a big portion of the wait time on the drive in. I’m not sure about the Bike, but here’s an option..

    Good luck, don’t limp

  4. @kuruptEV Yeah. It doesn't show that for me. I just see the heading "Wait time" and Question by Marioarceo, but no about the Bicycle casino.

  5. @marioarceo Late mornings are the best time to show up to the Bike. You can also kill an hour of wait time by getting on their waitlist through pokeratlas. You're then required to show up to at least the street in front of the casino no later than an hour after first getting on their waitlist through pokeratlas, at which point you click "Arrived" on pokeratlas, and your name stays on the list. Otherwise you get taken off the list after an hour. If you're killing time in the surrounding area and you're ever down to around 20th on the list, you want to go to their poker area because there are usually a lot of no-shows, and names come off the list fast.