What Jersey online sites can I play from Texas?

Question by BigDog223 about 888poker, WSOP-com Posted

Anyone know which New Jersey sites I can play from Texas? I can only get it to work on Bovada, not Party Poker or WSOP. I don't want to play on Bovada though because I heard its shady, but on other sites like Cards Chat they say it's the same as 888 and Party. But this site doesn't even have Bovada in New Jersey. Why is this so f'n confusing?

And when is the rest of the US going to legalize online poker so I don't have to just play on a New Jersey site?


  1. You can't play in any New Jersey sites outside of NJ, which is why the others aren't working in Texas. The only reason you can play on Bovada is because it's not restricted to a state. BUT it's also not a legally operating site in the US, so it's a risky site to play on (which is probably why you heard it was shady).

  2. BigDog the site you're thinking of is BorgataPoker and you can only play if you're physically in the state of New Jersey.

  3. @BigDog223 It seems like you're a little confused and frustrated with the online process. I totally understand. I am pretty firmly engrained in the online poker scene and can answer any questions you have. Please feel free to answer. Here's the bottom line though:
    To play Nevada sites Ultimate Poker and WSOP.com
    -you must physically be within the state borders of Nevada
    To play New Jersey sites WSOP.com, Ultimate Poker, Party Poker
    -You must physically be within the state borders of New Jersey

    While in the state of Texas there are no legalized sites available. There are several offshore poker rooms like Bovada, Carbon, Black Chip, and Americas Card Room. None of these rooms are legalized nor regulated by US gaming laws. Many times deposits don't work on credit cards and Cash outs typically take 2-4 weeks for you to receive. Some banks will then refuse to cash or deposit the foreign check once it's received due to the UIGEA (law passed in 2006 making it a crime for US banks to facilitate monetary transactions from offshore gaming sites). So, the long and short is that from Texas your only choices are offshore sites and you must play at your own risk.

    Good luck and be very careful if you decide to play.