Which Las Vegas daily tourney?

Question by BigDog223 Posted

I'm in Vegas this weekend and have no idea which daily has the best value. I'm willing to spend between $40 and $75 which narrows it down to about 180 diff tourneys haha. Oh and any place that will give me a comp for playing would be pretty sick too ;) Pls help. Thx!


  1. That's the problem. Many of these daily tourneys in that price range are pretty close. The ones at Stratosphere and Orleans are pretty decent. But if you're willing to plunk down a little more, head to Aria.

  2. @snakebite good advice. My wife is working all day so I'll see if I can time them to play two if I bust one. Thx

  3. Orleans IMO is the best value. Weekends habe large fields. Going tonhave to pay 80-125 though. Post your results