will Bally's open the Evansville poker room

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Now that Bally's has taken over the Evansville Tropicana casino does anyone know what the plan is for the poker room. Will it ever reopen?


  1. Idk anything about the situation of the poker room in Evansville, but it is definitely worth the drive to visit the The Royal Social Club in London, KY. Fun tournaments and lively cash games. You won't be disappointed. Check out all their reviews on this app. The place is awesome!

  2. I met one of the managers from that casino a few months ago during a social event. I was told that there were no plans to reopen the poker room. Apparently upper management would rather use the floor space for…..slot machines. Grrrrr. That was over the summer and I pray that they will reconsider.

    It makes me wonder, knowing it would be the only poker room within an hour’s drive and that it would pull in a lot of business to the hotel and casino and restaurants, would you want to use the card room as a draw? Especially when the trop already has overcapacity on slot machines. When I go to play poker I’m known to hit the blackjack and craps tables too.

  3. @kimifan I agree. I’m having to drive 2 I 1/2 hours one way to play right know. I was playing 3 plus times a week before Covid shut down. Now I get to play once or twice a month if lucky. I am saving lots of money because my lady friend doesn’t like the long drive so she’s not spending my winnings on the slots.

  4. I was playing regularly here. Action used to be good on weekends but the list used to be long.

    Can someone get license to open a local poker social club here? That should make good profit if casino is not interested in those millions of dollars.

  5. There’s a room in Paducah and a room in Owensboro opening up

  6. @cfuson where can I find more info about the Owensboro porker room?