Will Pechenga ever reopen their poker room?

Question by jeffp87 Posted


Is it ever going to happen? Or are they going to make a 2nd bingo hall?

Bummer if not, it was a good room and I liked the action.


  1. I doubt it...

  2. It is criminal how their website says ‘temporarily closed’. It has been closed since March 2020. Nearly 2 1/2 years. A higher up there told me they are never opening their poker room again. It used to be the best room south of L.A.

  3. Anybody that intended to reopen did so long ago. They showed what they think about poker players and if any still go there to play their other games they are idiots.

  4. @Bear1955 agree. They sure do know how to treat their customers poorly. I guess Oceans 11 is really the only choice left for tournaments, south of L.A.

  5. All the more reason to vote yes on on line poker

  6. Probably not