Question by agentlynch Posted

Anyone having concerns about the WSOP on line playing? I noticed anomalies in play?


  1. Yes I have. Seems to be an anomaly or two

  2. I don’t trust online site that sponsor players. I watch Jeff Boski on ACR and he hits pocket aces and kings more then what is actually possible. Maybe I’m wrong but I’d rather play live.

  3. Do you ever play on ACR? I went from a 59 dollar deposit to 12K. Some times it seems to be tilted towards certain players but I don’t know exactly why they would do that. Pros are pros for a reason and variance is a very real thing but when 4 hearts hit on 10/20 hands it seems like something is wrong and yeah who wouldn’t prefer to play live. Sometimes I enjoy online a little more because I can jump around and say “call that motherfu***” lol. And go to the bathroom inbetween hands and not miss anything and walk around (laptop). Hell I’ve worked my real job and played poker before. So it definitely has its perks. If your having trouble with ROI online the best tip I can give is play a lot less hands and try not to leave your money up to coin flips from fools pushing all in all the time pre flop. Yeah it’s hard to push away QK or AQ or QQ but necessary at times. The sight I have issues with is ignition. I hate that you don’t know who your playing and for some odd reason I’ve only made it in the money one or 2 times in there and I know I’m better then that. I won a $500 tourney tonight ($10 buy in) on one of those poker apps and if you know anything about those, then you know that is sketchy software!