Arizona State Poker Championship

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2 Comments I posted earlier...I got a good deal on an entry to the Arizona State Poker Championship. It has an 1100 buy in and there were alternates and rebuys for the first two hours. There were three day one flights. The action started at 9 AM with a starting stack of 26k. This included 16 k regular and an "optional" $30 add on for 10k who would not have bought the extra chips I don't know. Blinds started at 50/100 and lasted 40 minutes. It was a super slow structure that favored the patient. Well...I hung in pretty good for the first three levels...then...disaster. Blinds were 200/400 and I got 77 in early position. I raised to 800 and the small blind made it 2000 to go. I called figuringI could be behind a bigger pair but AK or AQ range was also possible. Well...flop was K74...and he bets out 2500. I raise to 6k...he shoves I call and he has AA. Yes! Turn is an....wait for it.....ACE...noooooooooooooooooooo!!!. And i lose 75% oof my stack. I made a little comeback shoving 8k with AK and got called by AQ. Then after the second break...blinds were 300/600/50 and I was at 15k. After a few unsuccessful late position steal attempts I found myself at 9k. Blinds then went up to 400/800/100 and I was feeling pretty desparate! So...with 8k left I shoved with 6500 with 88...called by AJ...jack on the flop ends my run......dang! This experience definitely gave me a feel for larger buy in deep stacks. It is extremely more difficult to survive than I ever thought! Better luck next time.


  1. Good try. The variance in tourneys are through the roof so remember that each time you play you need to accept the variance and enjoy the ride!

  2. Thanks Benton...i truly feel like it is time to work on the cash game so that i can build reserves to enter some bigger tourneys. I never felt outclassed at the table...but of course it was only early going. Anyway....hope to have a more positive result soon.