Best cash games in LasVegas

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Golden Nugget in Freemont Street has No Limit $1/$2 with no max buy in.I sit down with $500.Varies from $200 to $5000.Most play very loose with no regard to POSITION.I am from Australia and spend six weeks a year playing there.Best game in VEGAS.


  1. Heading over in June what other limits do they have there thxs m8

  2. @BLOODYRVR Golden Nugget only plays $2/$4 limit.As stated No Limit is $1/$2 with no restrictions on buy in.This allows you to see First two cards and with blinds so cheap,You can see many flops as raises usually $5 or $6 .If connect ,betting is like a $20/$50 game.Good Luck.

  3. I heard Nugget has good games but haven't ever played there. But the Bellagio has some pretty insane loose cash games!

  4. @Chizzle Binions opposite Golden Nugget has a great bonus.Play 120 hours in any month(4 hours a day) and they pay you $900 cash.I play 4hours per day at Binions and 4 hours at Golden Nugget.2013 won $1300 in bonuses at GN as they pay Quads and Str,Flushes.Each different.Starts at $200 and stops at $1200.Last year also $900 from bonus at Binions.

  5. I prefer bellagio and Aria, however last time I played at the aria the games were getting tougher. Of course call me crazy but I like challenging games some times. With bluffers comes more action. I'm referring to the 2-5 games there. The 1-3 last time I was there was a nit fest - boring and no action. 2-5 was good. Same deal at the Bellagio. In most 1-2 1-3 games in Vegas noone even knows what position means but the 1-2 games can be pretty nitty and boring as well which is why I prefer 2-5 - seems like there is more action to me.

  6. How things have changed 😑

    I went to ballys “horseshoe” poker room 12/24/22 and was waiting about 30 min for 1/3 and 2/3 NL holdem. Cool 😎 zero issues .
    Happy to wait for one of 10-12 games going .

    But then people with “diamond status” called in or added themselves and I kept getting pushed down 🫣

    Very dissatisfied In that policy.
    As a tourist/ recreational poker player I felt very under appreciated and unimportant.

    There are ways to make regulars special and VIP without that happening to people .

    I inevitably waited just shy of one hour to get in to a NITTy game.

    Also , not in to the aria , as the staff wasn’t as friendly as I thought they might be.

    I played in a bunch of poker rooms that weekend.

    I highly recommend :

    Ceaser’s (1-3 or 2-5) best action @ both levels

    Venitian (1-3 or 2-3) easier game with good action and high hand getting paid daily (good tourney selection)

    Bellogio (2-5) great poker with solid players (you can actually 3 and 4 bet preflop with it actually meaning something)

    Wynn (1-3) (2-5) cleanest / newest / great action

    I hope this helps.