Best place to play Big O

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I found the best place to play Big o in in Southern California a little casino called the lucky lady casino has the best Big o game in town they will take care of the player. The player comes first. Compton meals player bonuses and rewards they're giving away money. No other casino in California I was doing anything for players so it's really nice to find a casino that's taking care of the players there's a host there that really knows how to put on a game. Remember go down and play at the lucky lady casino and get paid to play


  1. Only one table and will have you waiting for awhile. Tim the floor man there is cool. Although there is one fat Asian floor man there that swears he is on a military base and the player are his troops and he is the drill sergeant. Avoid it if you can just not worth the trip. But if Big O is your game and you want to wait on one table to play use poker atlas to check in a hour ahead so your not waiting to long. Tim I’m sorry you have to deal with that other floor man. Shouldn’t last to long.

  2. @pokerkid88 Is the place you're talking about the old NORMANDIE Casino off Rosecrans?