Call ahead always..late and short

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I was planning to go to Toledo today but called ahead to check on availability and found that Atlas times and fees were way off... $200 was actually $300 and was two hours earlier. Not to say Atlas had it wrong...just that somebody did... saved myself a long ride arriving late with maybe not enough money.. sort of a few hours late and a few dollars short...LOL


  1. Is this something you found on their app or website? I know they were having problems with tourney info on the app but just saw that yesterday they released a new version that has everything fixed. However it seems like the casinos are usually the ones to blame when information is wrong....either because they change it on the fly without letting Atlas know about it or they give Atlas wrong information from their own websites.

  2. @GameChanger We're both partly to blame. Toledo is notoriously bad in posting its monthly tournament calendar on the website (it's NOT poker room management's fault, either). ... However, as Poker Atlas' information specialist for Ohio, it's also partly on me because I missed the weekly event in the system and forgot to turn that date off (the $300 usually runs the first Sunday each month) . Thank you very much, paladin47, for bringing that to our attention. It is tremendously helpful and appreciated. ... The app has actually been a better source of info for their room than the website, which still does not have the January tournament schedule posted. ... GameChanger is absolutely right, some rooms have a tendency to change their schedule quickly and forget to notify those of us who regularly seek such updates. It's not easy, I can assure you, but we do our very best to make sure we provide the most accurate and up-to-date information we can.