Excalibur Poker Room... Wierdest collection of players ever and a Hella Bad Beat!!!

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I went to Vegas over 4th of July weekend 2015. We arrived at about 11:30pm local time and as I was excited to get to the card room and I was riding tall on my second wind after a long flight from the east coast, I decided to let my exhausted companion sleep and went to toss some chips around the poker rooms.

We were staying at the Luxor so I headed down to their poker room to check it out and found that the action looked weak. They had only one table and no open seats. Plus the table was dead quiet. It did not look like a table of players that I wanted to engage with on my first night.

So, I jumped on the tram and headed next door to the Excalibur. This room looked good. I had heard about how The Excalibur was a great place to find fun, inexperienced players and my observations confirmed this. There was one name on the list ahead of me and as I watched the table play for a minute I immediately saw that there were some seriously weak players at the table that were not just shoving chips in everyone's direction, they were doing so with big smiles on their faces... they simply didn't care that they were losing.

So, my name got called, I bought $300 in chips (that is the table max for 1-2 NLH at Excalibur) and sat down. I played TAG poker for about an hour and a half. I was following an ABC strategy that had netted me about $250. I had never come this close to doubling up in such a short time at the tables. This was insane. I wasn't even getting that great of hands, I just kept knocking players off their hands with well played aggression. I had won one pot that was over $100 with top pair top kicker against a maniac fish who thought it was hilarious that he called my bet with ace high... OK, Buddy... laugh it up.

At this point I am on the BB and I'm dealt 7 7 (my best hand so far, BTW). Two middle position players limp as does the cut off and the button. SB folds and it gets to me. I raise to $12. it folds around to the button and after a few moments he calls. I should point out that the button is one of those people at the table that has been care free with his chips and since I've been at the table he has reloaded with $100 at least three times. But through some equally bad play on a fellow maniacs part and some great luck he is now sitting behind about $600+ in chips, a fact that is not lost on me. The flop comes 5 K 7 . I flop a set of 7's, I'm first to act and fire a second bullet and bet $60. The button thinks for a few seconds and calls. At this point I put him on pocket fives, I know he doesn't have KK cause if he did he would've shoved for sure. The turn comes 10 , I check just to see what the button will do, and he checks as well. At this point I feel I have him beat for sure. River is K , I just made my full house 7's full of K's. I'm first to act and I shove ALL IN!!! He snap calls and flips K 5 showing me his bigger boat K's full of 5's.

As earlier stated, by some bizarre set of circumstances this guy who has been playing some of the worst poker I have ever seen has me covered. He is either bathing in dumb stupid luck, or he was specifically hunting for that one situation to play one brilliant hand of cards to finish my night and rake a huge pot. Regardless, I say good bye to one of the biggest heads up 1-2 NLH pots I've ever seen at a casino. That pot was a little over $1100 by my reckoning. And as I make it a rule to never lose more than one buy in a night while on vacation, I push myself away from the table and sulked back to my room.

In retrospect, I feel like I played that hand pretty well. If I could go back and change anything about how I played that hand, the only thing I think might have changed the out come would have been to bet big on the turn ( 10 helped neither of us and I should have been able to see that by his earlier play) and forced him to fold. But, hind sight being 20/20 and my lack of a crystal ball at that table, I feel like if I faced that same situation again, I would play it the same way.

The rest of my trip was pretty standard, I won a few hands and lost a few hands. I left Vegas with about the same roll as I showed up with, but I can't help but feel as though I am $1100 down.

I'd love to hear some feed back.


  1. I have just come back to UK from 2 weeks in Vegas - played lots of poker; most of my cash games in the Excalibur (where I stayed). I sympathies with Jimmy Chips. It was my second stay in Excalibur, so I knew what to expect. In the Excalibur you need to expect the unexpected; I personally like the card room. Friendly with lots of action - but you identified the fish at the table Jimmy, but you did not allow for their stupid luck and lack of knowledge of the game. I played the 2 - 6 spread for 2 weeks, and accept that it is a lot different from 1 - 2 no limit; but you can still take some bad beats from the fish. I lost count of the times I spun that dam wheel after Aces cracked!
    I have been going yearly to Vegas for some 18 years and just play ABC poker; you can't play advanced stuff Jimmy against these 'fun' players. I think if you faced the same situation again you should perhaps think why he was calling you? I think with a set of 5s he possibly would have re raised to protect his hand against a possible flush? From what you say I don't think he was hunting for one big kill?
    Anyway, I know the feeling Jimmy; but don't let it put you off the Excalibur card room. I hope to come back to US in December and will be playing there again. Their are some good locals in there (Chris) (Dave) and a few more - even they take some bad beats from the idiots sometimes - but in the long run they take their money.
    One day I was playing a tournament in Harrahs, and the same thing as you describe was taking place on the 1 - 2 no limit table; so I don't think these types of players are restricted to the Excalibur.
    Come to think of it now - I must have been playing that night in Excalibur when this happened cos' I was there over the 4th July weekend, and I would have been in that card room on Saturday night ?. Don't remember the screams :)
    Like you I came away from my 2 week visit with my poker stash intact, a couple of cash wins, but some good tournament wins.
    Anyway, any one from the Excalibur card room (especially Rae Ann!) reading this -thanks for the visit, enjoyed the poker - hope to see you soon.
    Nutsmike (Michael)

  2. @nutsmike HI Jimmy
    In addition to my post above - I have just read the comments by the other players on your other post re this bad beat - I leave the feedback to them - obviously more advanced and better players than me. But I think we are all saying the same thing - he just got lucky!

  3. Thanks for the feedback Mike, much appreciated.

  4. I think you pretty much played every street terribly, not to be rude. Let me elaborate: Preflop: 4 limpers and you only make it $12. You're lucky you only got 1 caller, $18-$25 range makes way more sense here. You're trying to win the dead money, not go to the flop. Flop: $60 into a $31 pot? Especially with a hand as strong as you had. Huh? Guy calls. Turn: a harmless 10 falls and you check? You have to know you have the best hand here. There is no way the guy has KK the way the hand has played. He showed he was capable of calling a 2x pot bet and you're checking? Guy checks behind. River: You push all in. Another massive overbet where mist the time you're only going to get a call from a hand that beats you. Sorry bro, just really bad. Tough river card but that's beside the point.

  5. @meekamouse Thanks for the feedback and Constructive criticism, meekamouse. I appreciate the honesty.

  6. have to agree with meekamouse and you never shove with the smaller full house possible,