1,2 NL at Green Valley Ranch

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I played GVR since my wife got i'll and I would only get 2-3 hrs of play. It was Sunday night so I figured I'd run to the close GVR.

Sunday nights is not a tourist time, nor are off the strip poker rooms. The class of player was very good for 1,2NL. There were 2-3 players I could read quite well but the other 6 were strong raisers and difficult to bluff.

Key hand, I started with max, 300, was down to about 230 when i got 7d9d in the BB. It limped for $2 and 2 callers so I called. 4 to the flop.

Flop was 6h,8c,8d. I checked and UTG bet $10. Just one caller so I also called. ~$38 pot.

Turn is the 10h. I have the straight and am fairly confident the UTG has an 8. The UTG bets, $20 and the other guy calls.. I raise to $80 and the UTG pushes for 70 more. The other guy folds and I call.

about a $360 pot and he tables 8hQh for a good 19 outer (flush, and pair board). River is the Qc and he rivers the pot.

Instead of being up to about $410 I'm down to about $50- and buy in for $200 more. I make it back to $370 and it's my time to go so I leave.

Shoulda went to Caesars.. next trip I'm sticking with the 1,2 and 1,3 at the strip... MGM, Caesars, Migrage, etc.

**** One happy ending, the next and final night my wife is feeling well enough to hit the slots, etc at GVR. I first win $150 at the Monopoly machine by the buffet entrance (penny slot, but doing 200 per spin), then I go to play 4 card poker.. I play 5 bonus, 10 ante, 10 super bonus. I get trip's two times in the first 10 hands.. $95 payout... about 30 minutes later my wife gives me a 5 minute warning.. the next hand I get dealt a 4 card straight flush! Good for a total hand win of $390.

That was the last bet I made on my Vegas trip.

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