2 of the greatest folds in poker history(NOT) part 3

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thurs morn aces cracked @ Mirage. it happened 2X to me,one of each as in 1 same color and 1 mixed colors. i would like to mention Charmaine and Lauren as well versed in dealing duties. i did play only 2 hrs but still only profited $39. hey its lunch denero right? i find players r conservative that check all the way down and if i say, after the river and i throw out a $10 bet, ask "who else is slow playing trips" they all fold.lol
thurs evening bought in for $200 and left with only $255 after i folded my pocket rockets to 2 players who were pushing heavy hardware,betting large amounts, the hand was finished with turn and river both aces. i was so so so so depressed. i folded QUAD ACES. hey hopefully i will get another chance some how some where some day.
yea mayb i am in the wrong game,nl, cause i sure do not have a killer instinct.

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  1. Hollywooding twice with the winning hand? No class! Probably want to brush up on poker ettiquette before your next trip.