22 hours of Poker; March 17-21


Arrived 11 pm Wed night staying two nights at MB and two nights at Aria.

Sat down at MB right away. Super loose table; had one super aggro donk who would 3 bet all in with JJ and called large all ins with any two cards if he already had $ in the pot. He called with K9 off and 8h5h and hit both times. I was card dead most of the session but made $105 with QQ which stood up to super donks all in push post flop with no A or K OTB. 2 hour session

+ 105 / + 105

Next day I played two sessions at MB and lost both times, the players were mostly weak with a couple of drunk donks both times but I had very poor cards and missed OTF with AQ AJ etc and lost QQ all in v 99 when a nine landed OTF

6 hours

- $300 / - $195

Our room at MB was great except that the A/C could not keep the room cool enough at night to sleep well. The pool there is pretty spectacular. I hate their comp system, but when the room is busy, it's easy to manipulate by just leaving your table and not checking out; then going back a couple of hours later and getting a chip runner to get your chips for you.
Shout out to a super nice older woman dealer by the name of Silvia, who gave me the shirt off her back!

This is actually true: I was seated in Seat 10 and all the MB dealers had nice looking St. Paddy's day shirts on. I asked her if we could buy a replica from the gift shop and she said no. Then she told me to come back tomorrow and she would give it to me. I did; she did and she even declined my $5 tip. So now I have a rockin' St. Paddy's day t shirt!

The next day we played at MGM Grand and it was NUTS. The worst plays by others at my table netted me $471 in four hours! One drunk guy blitzed through $900 in 2-3 orbits. My QQ held up to his all in shove OTF. He had no pair and I only had to fade an A and a gut shot straight draw! Later, I pushed him all in OTF holding AsKs with two low spades OTF. He called me with Ace high and a 6 kicker so I just had to fade a 6 that was not a spade.

I then went to play the Friday night $150 deep stack at PH, 20 runners. This structure is not that great for a deep stack tourney $15500 starting chips, 30 minute levels. It's a great structure for the first 6 levels:

100 / 200
200 / 400
300 / 600
400 / 800
500 / 1000
1000 / 1500

and then:

2000 / 4000 WTF??????
3000 / 6000

This is a ridiculous jump and left 5 of the remainig 7 players, (including me) with an M of around 2 - 3. I pushed with A9 off in LP and was called by AJ. We both hit our two cards and I was gone in 7th. It paid top 3.

I played another 3 hour session at MGM and was pretty card dead but still made $70 at one of the coolest tables I've ever played. Almost everyone drinking heavily, high 5ing each other and giving verbal tells about their hands constantly. Shout out to Raoul, a big fat bearded dude who can pound 14 Miller lights in three hours; then got the hiccups and spewed all over the table! I love all poker players who are there "just for fun".

+ $541 / + 346

- $150 in tourney play

On Saturday I played at Aria for 45 minutes. Not the party vibe of MGM, definitely tighter and I made a serious mistake when I called a half stack all in OTF with KJ versus AJ on a J high flop. For some reason, I decided (too hastily) that he was bluffing me but there was only $15.00 of my own money in the pot. -$180

I had the good sense to cash out after that hand and set out for the greener pastures of MGM, where once again the mood was party and drink hard. Always obliging to my fellow poker players, I routinely offer to order whatever they are ordering, they pay the tip and get two drinks. I sip my pineapple and soda while they high five me, tell me what a great dude I am and I take their money twice as fast. At one point, I got the two guys beside me to do it too, so one guy had four Bloody Mary's at a time. Shortly after, I felted his short stack when he 3 bet all in my reraise holding AK and ran into my AA. We all ordered another round for him after he busted so he walked off with three fresh bloody Mary's and a smile on his face. +$206

My buddy told me play was even wilder over at Excal so I racked up after 2 hours and went over there. The table was not as wild as at MGM and that room is disgusting. By far the smokiest room I've ever been in and the table would sag under my arm weight in seat 8. Never playing there again as I could not stand it. I was also card dead and lost $35.

-$9 / + $ 337 for 18.5 hours of cash game play

-$150 for 3.5 hours of tourney play

My room at Aria was very beautiful, but I MGM is the place to be. I also ate at the Jean Gorge Steakhouse at Aria. I had the $60 bone in Filet Mignon, asparagus and mushrooms. Excellent food, very good service except my server was noticeably pushing upgrades, which was mildly irritating. I would eat there again.

My only other side adventure of note was renting a Suzuki GSXR 750 and going out to the Valley of Fire; a spectular experience and the bike can go an indicated 161mph. I love Vegas.

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