3 1/2 days of poker


Landed Saturday at 11:30pm hit Bally's (had a comp. for a room for 1 night)for 4-5 hours. Played 3-6 limit. About what I thought, 4-5 to the flop. A bunch of avg. players. broke even.

Sunday Headed to Aladdins for the Brunch( Changed alot under construction)Missed the Noon Caesers tourny. Checked in to the Stardust( again got comp. another than that no reason to stay there. Employees all pissed that it's closing.It was nice in the Late 80's when I stayed there last but the business has changed)
went back to the strip played in the Flamingos pm tourney. 40 players( including 3 of my buds I went with) Hey I won! One of my friends finished 3rd. $1000. After about 1/2 into it 10 player out and one person had about $10,000 in chips , he should have stoped playing a couple of rounds out middle. After the first break had only $3000 in chips. I got really hot. Trip 2's on the flop, str8,KK's in the BB with 3 plyers. With final table play down to 5 play got really tight,seemed like a lack of final play. So i went the other direction, agressive play. Won with high card with J,7 os( other person had only $4000 in chips to my $35,000)

Late night wanted to see want hooters looked like. OMG 3 tables, only one going jammed in a small room. 3-6 was going all the players new each other,(why pay the rake goto your room and play if its all your buddies)

Monday, made the Caesars tourney. 91 players, great blind, round length struc. No Dealer mistakes made it down to 19 or 18. Was about 5th in chips with 26 players left and made 2 calls with nut drawing hands against smaller chip stacks( about $28000 in chips to $5000 and lost both)down hill after that. Pm played at Monte Carlo. Room was hot not much air flow,tables to close together. First hand Got AA under hte gun With 7 people left to act a raise 8 times the blind(1-2 NL) Of course all fold. The next 4-7 hands I get JJ,AK two times,8's,9's get run ,no one played that much so my chip stack goes from $200 to about $400 in 1/2 hour. Hand of the night (remember only playing now 40 minutes) I get 7,8 dimonds in early postion I call the blind the UTG raises to $15 and the BB and me call and 3 are to the flop. Flop is Ks,4d,5d. I check the flop the UTG goes all in for $250 and the BB calls all in for about the same amount fast. Well I'm on a draw and not even the best( getting about 2.25 to 1 on my money for a draw) that is about a five to one to makeI show the player next to me my cards and say I can't play this on a draw, and fold. So the 6d falls on the turn and to my surprise the 9d comers on the river. The players both had AK so they did what they should of got me off my draw. I know I couldn't play for that draw but that would have been a $780 pot with a $599 high hand pay out. No one belived me when i told them the player next to me that i showed the cards to spoke up. I was all frazzled after tha tgot up and left 5 hands later when some one drew a str8 on me.Late Monday played in the overnight Binions tourney. Lots of dealers and reg players. 23 plyers and finished 10th. 3 all in's ( yes i was the first to act) my Pocket 7's bet by KJos. The other player had pocket 5's short stacked.

Tuesday, Luxor am tourney. This was bad. $33 buy in $600 in chips $25 blind levels I should have played the $33 on double zero roulette would have had better shot. It was a crap shoot. went in with any A's lost to a set.

PM Tuesday Venetain Played. this bu far is the most organized,best tourney in town. Great room, the players were the best I have played with. Needles to say out in the middle.

Before leaving played in the Stardust 10 am tourney out first hand LOL. pockets K's band hita set on the turn lost to a str8 draw when a 7 fell on the river.

I wanted to play some higher limits,like 6-12 but never found the time. On the lower limits 3-6 or 4-8 it's hard to play with 6-7 to a flop. No wounder there are so many bad players out there they see it as normal play.

To finalize stay away from the lower buy in's. To small of a starting chip stack VS. blinds. If you want to play Goto the Caesars,Venetian tourneys the best by far. The lower limit ring games are boring, and tooooo mindless to make it worth while.

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