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Landed 9 am Sunday (11/6)First play was at the Aladdin. room was way nicer than I thought. About 15 tables total,only about 7 in use at any time.The ring game table were full so i played in a single table N/L 55$ buy in. Like most I found out and should have known (played at Rockford Charities single table events before) The blinds are ways to aggresive with not enought chips.Taken out 3rd.Once the 3/6 table opened I started to feel at home. Not much for the first 1 hour but then I hit quad J's. ($150 bonus)plus the pot size was about $120(Yes a lot of bad betting seeing I had quad J's on the flop so most had to think they were betting into atleat trips!) The play was about what I thought , not much better than your local guys night poker tournament. Played At the MGM 6 pm $100 tournament. First very nice Room seating assignments very well organized(for tournamnet and ring games) This did seem to have a better quality player,plus a run of no cards to bad cards to playable hands with outs on nut flushes or nut st8 mnay times that didn't hit. (yes i went on tilt for about 1/2 hour chasing stuff ). Again 3rd out in the tounament,had AJ suited, got the Jack on the turn with no st8 or flushes on the board went all in to get the rid of the possiblity of what happened ,the board paird on the river giving someone trips(7's). Lost counting the buy in about $300.Played at Harrah's and IP till 4 am. IP by far had the worst room!Players,dealers were so bad it was like playing "on_line" 8 to the flop , yes its 2/4 limit and some just want the action but... got sucked out so many times. A preflop raise doesn't mean anything. Harrah's Was more under control, still only 2/4 which was getting to be alittle old at that point but at least only 4 to the flop (yes still bad but.) The room was dead only 2 tables going at 2am, which is surprising considering it's sealed off from the rest of the casino. First day play at poker even, black jack and craps down $250.

Day 2 rolled out from day 1 one (just 5 hours later)did the 11 am tournamnt at Harrah's. About 60 playing. I didi my add on and my rebuy all at once so could have chips and be soem what of a force. Finished about mid way (20's)Again pocket 10's on the BB taken out by a guy holding AK under the gun(had good chip stack $7000)That was the last time I would lose at poker until the last 2 hour before leaving Vegas.My buddy had to go pick up a winnng WhiteSox Ticket at Mandalay Bay , nice room small need to double it for the amount of play they were getting. One of my buddies started to straddle bet every time around so what the hell so did I (2/4 limit). Mad the whole table mad (5 women at the table knew how to play but didn't want to lose shopping money eihter)Over all ended even made no friends & alot of people mad. Played at Stardustlate after noon till 7 pm. nothing fancy just good managemnt solid players. I sat at a N/L table with a $200 buy in (1-2 blinds). Just played the game double up in 2 hours. Ate Dinner walked across the street the the Riviera OMG they would be better making the area into bathrooms what a hole! didn't play, didn't stay, Ran out fast. Only 3 tables 1 in use. Took a cab to Binion's Not classy looking just poker at it's best. played till 3 am. Good players but not full of themselves like the MGM. It Seems they know who they were / are. Lots of locals. End of story first. Started with $200 buy in on a 1/2 N/L game) ended up $600. About 1 hour in, got dream cards only you read about or see on the best of hightlights on world poker tour. Pocket Rockets and got a flop of A-2-2. took some one to my left for his stack($180's). got delt A-J five times in a row (yes on my mom's eye's)and every flop had a A, J or both in it. Never seen anything like it never will again. had one local (some of you probably know him Tall 6'7" gray hair big beard look scary grizzly Adam's type) start looking me down, time to leave when you can't see the cards and your pissing off the locals

Days 3 decide to got up scale. Went to Green VAlley in the Am. Nice room, Very open to the rest of the casino but not loud. Good players good cards again 4 hours of play $300 buy (it's there min) ended up $200 but had it up to $750 at one point(got cocky).Grabed at Fat Burger left to go to the Wynn. Room is huge at i was intimidated. Seemed like all had cowboy hats and everybody know everybody(bad sign #1)sat downwith $300(1/2 n/L) lost $150 in the first 25 minutes) again i was intimidated played hands I shouldn't have and didn't bet big enough on hands and folded when a big river card came. got lucky when it was dinner time and our table had to break down , I got my $150 back plus about $100 in about 1 hour , nothing special just played normal. My buddies that I went with went to the rail and wanted to got to dinner , I was one hand away from the bb , told them to wait 10 minutes. (best idea I ever had)Got pocket KK and won a $150 pot. The sb didn't give me any thing. On the button I decided to play anyhand , got Q8 os(ouch) pre flop raise comes from person under the gun to make it $15.One caller plus me and both blinds fold.Flop is A-8-6 all differant flavors). Under the gun player make sit $50 the other player folds I call after a 1 minute wait( I know it's a online call,very poor play ). Turn is ..yes you guessed it "8"!!!! He bets $100 I fast call him for all in (about $400 )He had about the cash/ chip amount. He flips over his cards before he declares his action to get a reaction from me(yep you guessed it He had AK). So know I'm trying to think how or what to say to get him to call this bet(he's down to about 5%)So I say that , I think he thought I was trying to tell him not to call Which is what I wanted. He goes in the tank for 5 minutes (dealer getting mad my bud's getting hungry) He makes the call (Yes) The river was garbage, up $450 or more on that hand!

One thing I must warn all! You have to pay attention to house rules on Cash on the table Some like Wynn, money plays($100 only) others like Binions it's all cash and yet others like Aladdin & Bally's no cash play at table. So know your what your all in bet actually is before you do it( you may think the player is short stacked but is not).Some were leaving cash on the table even though it didn't play,for the visual effect.

Flight day - played too hard tyring to keep it bumped up, lost $300 at Bally's (never play poker in ring games unless you have 3-4 hours to invest other wise your trying to make hands ) One note, Bally's does have daily tournamnets that are note listed on this site .

If I stayed away from Craps and BJ i would have been up $1200 or so. Plan next Trip to go visit Monte Carlo and Mirage. I wish more casino's played $5-$10 or $8-$16 or even $10-&20 I know this is out of range of most but 2/4 and 3/6 you get every caller and every draw happening.
I will be submitting a Room report in the next couple of days.

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