4 day rollercoaster ride (long)

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I woke up early on Sunday and after breakfast found myself on a $4/$8 LMT table by 8:00 am. I played until 5:15 pm (9 hours again) for a loss of $105. The table ebbed and flowed all day long. The majority of players were weak and as you would suspect one maniac at the table who went through several hundred dollars was my achilles heal. I played very well but lost a couple of big hands after building big pots only to be sucked out by this goof. That’s poker but it sucks when it happens to you. On the bright side, one of my friends won about $400 during that same time.

While we played we watched the NFL games in the poker room. This is a mistake because I did lose focus on my poker game and that probably cost me some money as well. I bet on the Steelers (giving 6.5 to Seahawks) and New England (giving 16.5 to Browns). As with OSU the Steelers held the Seahawks scoreless for an easy win for me. As for the NE game, they were up 20-0 at halftime. I figured the money was in the bank only to see Cleveland find an offense. The game was never in question but my bet sure was. Fortunately with a minute left NE scored to go up by 17 and hold Cleveland off in the final seconds as they took three shots into the end zone from about 20 yards out.

At 5:00 we headed to the bar to watch the Bears beat Green Bay in what turned out to be an exciting game. I did not bet the game because I wanted to cheer for the Bears but I didn’t want to bet on them. After the game we went to dinner and then for a little 3 Card Poker. Lost $200 at 3 Card but knew I would get it back…and I did. Wound down the evening at $2/$4 LMT with my friends. I hate this game and it was soooo bad I couldn’t take it. I quickly switched to $3/$6 but played it like a $2/$4 and lost my $100 quickly and went to bed.

Results of poker: -$205
Results of other gaming: +$68

Monday, October 8th

Changed things up a little on Monday and decided to tour some other off-Strip properties but only made it to one. We went to Green Valley Ranch early just to look around. When we got to the poker room we found out a tournament was going to start at 10:00. We liked the look of the room so we bought in. It was $65 for $2,000 in chips and 30 minute levels. We had about 30 with probably 3-5 rebuys. This was a very tough group. It appeared that other than our 5 everyone else was a regular and very solid. Three of the 5 of us made the final table. I went out in 8th when I went all in with TPTK and was called by a guy who figured he was beat but sucked out trips on the turn. One friend came in 4th in a tournament that paid 4. Overall it was a great time. I did see one thing that disturbed me during the tournament. One dealer “accidentally” flipped mucked cards of my friend and then said he didn’t know how that happened. It was an obvious move and the only thing I can figure out is he was giving the locals free information. I don’t think it changed anything but it was low-class and a little upsetting.

I played $1/$2 NL while I waited for the rest of the group wrap things up and dumped about $50 when my Ace high str8 was pounded by a full house on the river (no pair on board when the money went in).

After the tournament we decided to go to the Venetian but stopped at In-and-Out again on the way there. Sat down at $4/$8 and played for probably 4 hours. The talent was soft but the cards were dead. There was one guy who appeared a bit tipsy who literally sat there with a cheat sheet on what beat what and preceded to win around $125. He had no idea what he was doing but boy did he get cards and suck-outs. The room was fairly dead but it was Monday. I was slightly disappointed in the overall room. Based on the rave reviews I thought it would be more than it was.

Headed back to MGM and then down to Paris for Pai Gow and drinking. I like Paris best of all the hotels. I like the size, I like the management and I think that it has a GREAT assortment of beautiful women (both clientele and servers). Played about 2 hours, smoke two cigars, had 7 drinks and won $25; all in all a pretty nice time. Headed back to MGM to meet up with some of our group and played $1/$2 NL. Got no cards and went to bed down about $70.

Results of poker: -$235
Results of other gaming: +$25

Tuesday, October 9th

Last day and we leave for the airport around 2:00. To be honest I am a little tired of poker and I haven’t played BJ as of yet so off I go to the BJ table. I play for about an hour and leave down $80. I take the $120 left from my original $200 buy in and go to NYNY for some 3 Card Poker. After some ups and downs I hit trip 4s at 30x the $10 bet and I am happy. I cash out from that at +$295.

I then head over to MGM for some final $1/$2 NL. I sit down at a table with a buddy and I play pretty solid until I blew up. I am 2 off the Button and end up with the Button. It is limped around to me and I bump to $10 with QQ and get three callers. Flop comes 10, 7, 2 with two diamonds. EP bets $15 and it is folded around to me. I bump it $15 and villain bumps to $45. At this point bells should be going off right. Villain’s min raise smells like a strong hand (AA, KK or trips) that is begging for more action but rather than muck or call and hope for help on the turn I put on my jackass mask and go all in for about $140 more. Now the villain goes into the tank for about 2 minutes and I think I have him…fold…fold…fold…goes off in my head but alas he calls and turns over AA. He was worried I hit trips he said and as you can guess no more queens arrived and off I went.

Now I have about one hour to kill. I am doubting myself based on my last play so I decide I am not focused enough on poker but what do I do? I decide to win my $200 back at 3 Card Poker. Should be easy enough given my earlier experience right? Wrong, I lose $200 in about 30 minutes…argh. Now what do I do? Well I went off the high stakes BJ area and buy in for $300. I am on a single deck table which I don’t like but is the only table with players at it and I don’t like to play alone. I hit a heater and cash out about 40 minutes later for $1,050. Wahoo!

Results of poker: -$200
Results of other gaming: +$845

Overall we had a great time and played a ton of poker. I never thought I would burn myself out but I did. I think it is partially because I started out so well and couldn’t keep it going and partially because I am getting old. We are already starting to plan for another trip in the Spring and look forward to hitting it hard again.

Poker Room Quick Hits;

MGM – fun room which is particularly soft on the weekend. During the weekdays the NL players seem to be much sharper. As for the $4/$8 I would think the competition would be better but it wasn’t. Don’t waste your time at lower limit games. If there is no $4/$8 going put your name on a list and play something smaller until a table gets going. Overall, VERY SOFT,

Venetian – only played $4/$8 which was very soft and beatable, but I didn’t.

GVR – tough tournament competition and NL competition. Appears to be 95% locals who are very sharp and looking to grind out a profit.

Thanks to everyone for all of their prior information and content and I hope this helps others.


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  1. Good read, and sounds like you had a great time!