5 Days in Heaven 10/25-10/30

Reports & Blogs by Bobbo Posted

Mirage: Checked in and went straight to their outstanding poker room to find satellites were going for Tuesday's $130 NL tournament. Went through 3 satellites w/o gaining either of the two seats. Played 3/6 and won nicely against medium competition of decent locals, tourists, new players and a drunk or two along the way. I love this room because it is very intimate with excellent dealers (especially Todd from St. Louis), highly efficient and friendly floor persons and cocktail service.

Bellagio: Played 4/8 and was up about $200 in one hour...then faded despite two absolutely unknowing players and a weak table. I'd value bet and push to find these weakies playing absolutely every hand...river me time after time. As it goes. Friday night the Big Game was in Bobby's Room with Danny Negreanu, Jennifer Harmon, Phil Ivey and Johnny Chan playing $4,000-$8,000 mixed games. Danny had about $300,000 in front of him...over my limit. The renovation seemed nice, but the chairs are absolutely a nightmare since they have "wings" at the top pushing into the aisles. Thus, players constantly bump players and dealers...what absolute idiot interior designer selected those chairs with approval by Bellagio? Makes you wonder. Spent Saturday Breeder's Cup there and played cards and horses...niiicce. Big games, lots of action...but SLOOOW cocktail service...we waited 1 1/2 hours on Saturday for a cocktail waitress!!! And they are NOT as cute as they used to be...read about Wynn.

Wynn: Played in a 4/8 game and won $50 and then tried the Thursday morning $80 satellite for one of two seats in the 12:00PM $330 NL Tournament. Did not place, so I thought and thought...and decided to enter the $330 Tournament...got in as Alternate 3. I knew I was in the big time with 100 players...and hoped to do well...which I did. I ran my $3,000 in chips (with good plays, raises and some nice cards and only one all-in) up to $32,000 as I moved from 80 to 60 to 40 to 20 to 12 to 9 and $$$!!! After 8 hours the last 7 players agreed to to a 7th place save and split the balance based on chip count. I won $3,500!!! The dealers were tops, the room was outstanding with attention to details, e.g. the tourny seat cards (Table 5 Seat 6) were engraved plastic and not the cheap flimsy ones at other rooms. TVs showed the player's board and everything was top notch...including the cocktail servers. Each young lady looked like a Playboy model--Brianna especially. Fast and efficient. Overall I loved the Wynn, but I know winning added to my opinion.

MGM: Tried the $65 NL 11:00AM Tournament with signup at 10:00AM. Problem was only a tight 4/8 game and NL games were going, so I had to wait and wait. Finally jumped in the $1/2 NL and lost $20 before the tournament began. With 100 players and 12 alternates, it was a nice time, but I had no cards and wound up in the middle. I really disliked the marble ring at the table. But did like the seat indicator showing the floor open seats.

Aladdin: Played a 3/6 game which was easy with tourists and new players. Entered their $110 1:00PM Friday Tournament with about 80 players...and finished about 20. Nice room, fine dealers and cocktail service. I would play there again.

Bally's: Hit the 11:00AM $55 Tournament and played some 2/4 before it started. I liked the room even though it is open with plenty of railbirds. Probably noisy at night. Worthwhile but not my top choice.

Went to the Flamingo and Harrah's, but didn't play because of longer waits. All in all I loved this Winning Trip. I'll be back in May for my semi-annual trip. Aces to you all.

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