5 Days of 11 Hour Poker -- and a 1st Place Wynn!

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Arrived on Halloween morning to arrive just in time for the Venetian 12PM $150 buy-in tournament. This is truly an outstanding tournament as you start with 7,500 in chips and 25-50 blinds with 30 minute levels...that's 150 BBs! Players range from newbies to tough guys this lasts about 8-9 hours so get tough. Played 1/2 NL at the V on Halloween night seated at the table with (no kidding here) a bumble bee and Pancho Villa with sombrero, mustache and serape. And then Borat comes flying through the V Poker Room on his way to the Halloween Party at the Tao Asian Club upstairs. Saw about 300+ wild ones in every costume imaginable. A night to remember! Great dealers and management at the V--especially Lance and Vernon. Plsu where else will they pour Stoli and Red Bull? Outstanding poker room...best in Vegas IMO.

Went to the Wynn for the 12PM Tournament and only 15 players entered the $330 buy-in event. Paying 3 places led me to believe I had a good shot. Came down to 6 players and I proposed $100 for those to go out 4, 5 and 6...turned down. Then at 4 players we agreed to a $300 save as everyone had rather equal stacks. I then came on like Secretariat in the stretch to wind up with 35,000 of the 75,000 in play. After more than 7 hours, we agreed on a deal and I took home 1st Place notching my 1st Win and $2,000+ after having four 2nds in prior final tables. Felt terrific so I enjoyed their excellent Wynn buffet!

Played in the Mirage night tournament for $125--and it is a great tournament. I love the Mirage as it is smaller and friendlier that the larger palces like Caesars or Bellagio. They know how to run a tournament and the players were of all types with many tourists like me. Wound up 3rd in my second tournament there as I played well.

Went twice to the Treasure Island for their $65 tournament. They take $17 from the $65 and only add $48 to the prize pool, but it is a low limit tournament so I understand. VERY well run and the dealers were young, but very competent. Room is a bit too dark for me and near much noise, but it was a very good tournament. Had a 4th getting knocked out on the river with a 15-1 shot.

Had my usual share of river wins and losses. My last hand in a 1/2 game at the V was tough. I was about to wrap up my trip and slow played 88, hit a set on the flop (8 9 2) and was bet into so I called. Turn came a 9 for my full house. Other player makes a big bet and I move in. He had 10 10 and I was a 91% favorite as he could win with either a 9 or 10 with only four cards helping him...and he did hit a 10 on the river. It was a $400 pot so it was tough but things even out.

No problem with bad beats as I DO NOT get upset about them any more. I know I put them on others equally as frequently as they do on me. I just want to make certain to make good decisions. As long as I do that I am just fine. Fortunately I felt I made only one poor decision the entire trip which is awesome. Stayed focused and played my A-game.

OT really recommend seeing the free show of the Dueling Piano Twins (two great looking blondes) who have been at Harrah's about two years. Check them out at www.twinkeys.com which is their web site. Fabulous free show with great audience involvement which makes it fun to watch. They go on at 8PM and before that is karaoke which is a blast to watch.

So net-net I had a blast by myself playing poker for 10-11 hours each day for 5-6 days. Had some great dinners and won enough to pay for my trip and airfare! I'll be back in April!

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  1. I like the Dueling Piano twins as well, they put on one hell of a show...and they're hot. The one at TI wasn't bad either, I don't know if it's still there, but the guys were challanging the audience to name a song they didn't know and if you could...free drink