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My Dad came from Anchorage to Phoenix for a visit and was flying back home out of Las Vegas so I HAD to drive him there. It’s always so terrible to HAVE to go to Vegas. Since I HAD to go, I also scheduled my 6 week ritual hair dye job and hair cut with my hairdresser in Henderson, Megan. (She is very reasonable if anyone is looking for Las Vegas a hairdresser.)

I decided to also schedule a stop in Laughlin since my dad has never been there. We stayed at The Edgewater. The rooms were of the same quality as Imperial Palace. It was clean and cheap. After we checked in we decided to go out for dinner. It was Corbin’s 10th birthday. We told Corbin he could pick what he wanted for dinner since it was day. Unfortunately he picked Nathan’s Hot Dog stand. Yuck. I guess that’s what I get for leaving it up to him. After dinner, I went to check out the poker room. They had 1 table of $2/4/6 limit running and that was it. I got on the list behind a couple of others.

After waiting an hour I got into the game. Most of the time I was the youngest person at the table. After a bit a young guy came to the table. I got the feeling he was an uncomfortable playing limit poker as I was. We ended up in a hand together. He raised PF and I called with 89 suited. The flop came with an 8 and a 9. He bet, I raised, it ended up capped. Turn was a blank and river was another 9. More raising and reraising I tabled my full house and he angrily threw his cards in the muck face down. I’m pretty sure he had AA. After I played for an hour I was up about $100. I decided that was pretty good for limit and I should cash out and go back to the room so my dad could go play blackjack. When I got up to get a couple of racks I met Local Rock. (If you are reading this – it was nice to finally meet you!)

We got to Vegas on Thursday and I went straight to Megan’s to get my hair done. While I was there my dad and my son when to “The Man Store”, aka the Bass Pro Shop at Silverton. After I got my hair done we went to Imperial Palace to check in. As I was checking in the guy at the front desk asked if I was superstitious. I told him I wasn’t. He said he had a room on the 13th floor. I said that would be fine but if I start losing money I am going to come back and talk to him! As usual the room was cheap and clean. We went and had dinner at Ellis Island. I had the filet cut sirloin. It was really good. After cheap dinner I went over to TI to meet the AVP gang for a mixed cash game. Mrs. Lederer, Minton, Clem, VinnyBoomBots, and Pokermuffin were in the game. Minton was drinking and flipped me off for playing a winning hand against him. It wouldn’t have offended me if I was drinking too, but I wasn’t. But it’s ok, I forgive him! I ended up losing $100 in the mixed game and decided to walk back to IP.

I got into a cash game at IP. I just couldn’t seem to get anything going there. I ended up losing $200. I met an AVP lurker there and I was also sitting next to an AVPer from the UK. I didn’t find out he was an AVPer until the Saturday night meet up. I think his AVP name is TheBullUK? Anyway, he was a nice guy visiting for his 50th birthday. He didn’t look a day over 40.

Friday me and the family went back to Ellis Island for breakfast then we went over to The Sahara to ride “Speed” the rollercoaster. Corbin is finally tall enough to ride. My dad didn’t want to ride so I had to go. The price on the ride is up to $10 each! Or you could pay $20 and ride all day. We did the single ride. It was Corbin’s 1st time on a really roller coaster. He thought it was pretty awesome. I get motion sick but I toughed it out. It was worth it to see my son enjoy himself so much. After the coaster ride I took my dad to Hooters where he would stay the rest of his time in Vegas. Corbin was staying with friends the rest of the time. He has quite a few friends from our time living in Vegas last year. We both miss Vegas a lot. Who knows?….I could be back!

Friday night I went to the AVP meet at TI. It’s always fun to see everyone at these events. I sat next to Adam, the manager of the Aria poker room. He read my last trip report were I was not greeted in a timely fashion in the poker room. He gave me and everyone else at our table a comp. I told him I would try the room again. He seems like a great guy. He also came to the Saturday event. I ended up busting out around 12th in the mixed tournament. These games just aren’t my cup of tea but it’s fun trying! I wanted to have a beer so I sat at one of the video poker bars and played $20. I ended up cashing out with $100.

On Saturday I went arrived at The Mirage for the AVP meet. I played a little in a 1/2NL game. Didn’t even play a hand when I had to cash out. I didn’t do well in the AVP private tournament but it was fun. Special thanks to LVM and Chris for putting this together. I got into another cash game and I cashed out with $240. I decided to go to Planet Hollywood with fellow AVPer Gravel. I had a few beers and by the time I got there I was a little tipsy to say the least. Gravel and I get into the same $1/2NL game. As soon as I sit down there is a straddle and raise to $30 I think. I have J5 suited and I have beer goggles because J5 looks pretty sexy. I call. The flop is 55J. One of the players shoves for the rest of his stack and I call. I more than double. They all start whooping and hollering that they can’t believe I played that hand. I said, “It’s my first time!” I can’t remember the next hand but I won again with something equally as stupid and was up to $650ish. This time I said, “I’m drunk!” I kept winning. It was crazy. It didn’t matter what I had, if I played, I won. Gravel kept asking me, “Does this happen to you all the time?” No, it doesn’t. But when you are on a rush, you have to ride it out. I ended up cashing out with $1500 after a little more than 1 hour. I knew if I stayed my luck would run out. I took a taxi back to IP and passed out.

Sunday I picked up my family and we went to lunch at Red Robin. After lunch we took my dad back to Hooters. He was leaving the next morning to go back to Anchorage but we had to say our goodbyes because we had to get back to Phoenix. Corbin and I both fought back tears. I have always had my parents around but since I left Alaska in December of 2008 I haven’t seen any family since then except my son and my husband. It always sucks to say goodbye. I’m sending Corbin up there this summer to for a few weeks to go fishing. I will be doing a different kind of fishing as I will be in Vegas for WSOP!

I just booked a return trip for my 39th birthday on April 30th. I usually stay at Imperial Palace but I will be staying at Aria this time!

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  1. I forgot about 1 interesting situation I had come up at Planet Hollywood. I had AK Suited in diamonds. A guy raised to $40 PF, I called, everyone else folded. Flop comes K, rag, rag. The rags were diamonds. He was first to act and he looks down and he says, "Where are my cards???" His cards somehow must have been swept into the muck when everyone else folded. The floor comes over and rules that I win the pot because I am the only player with cards but I can do whatever I choose with the pot.

    He stands up quickly like he is going to leave and turns back and angrily says, "I had pocket queens!" I explained to him that he was beat and he should be happy he didn't have to put any more money in the pot. He was pissed.

    Do you think I shared the pot with him?

  2. @AlaskaGal

    this is F'IN GOLD!!! Love it!!!

  3. HELL

  4. I'm interested in your impressions of IP. I've booked my WSOP trip this year, June 3-10, and with air and 7 nights at IP from Denver, it was $270 total! I was happy with the great deal, but have been catching some flak from my friends about staying at IP...."dump"...."motel 8"....etc..... Having never stayed there before, but happy with the price...I was willing to risk it, reasoning that as long as I have a clean room/bed and the fact that I plan on spending most of my time at The Rio, Caesars and Venitian, I can live with the deal at a centrally-located hotel.

    How is the hotel, really? Did I make a mistake, or will the hotel be just fine?

    Thanks for your advice!

  5. I am fine with IP. I think it's a little run down and the elevators are slow but it's cheap and I can live with it for a few nights. I have never had a dirty room there. As long as you understand it isn't The Venetian, you will think it's just fine for the money you paid.

  6. thanks!

  7. @AlaskaGal

    No.. His mistake of not protecting his cards actually saved him money. Maybe if he had you beat you split, but with top pair / top kicker and nut flush draw - the answer is no. BTW- did u show your cards?

  8. No, I didn't show. And you guys are right, I didn't share the pot either.

  9. @bowlingfool

    this is F'IN GOLD!!! Love it!!![/quote]
    +1!! I'm gonna have to play J5 every time now. :laughing:

  10. @danisdad

    3 out of the last 4 times I have gone to Vegas, I have stayed at the IP. It is the FIRST place I check prices on. It is all about location. I can easily get to any of the big poker rooms from there, plus the IP poker room is VERY soft. Last summer I stayed there for 2 weeks while playing in the Main Event. When I am in Vegas, I am there to play poker, not throw a wild "Hangover" style party in my room. I have always had a clean room and that is all that matters to me....that and how long does it take to walk to another juicy game!

    I would also suggest purchasing a Monorail pass. If you walk out of the back of the IP you can get right on the Monorail, which can take you down to the MGM or up to the Sahara.

  11. I would feel pretty safe in stating that the IP is the official hotel of choice for AVP. Most of us are low-limit $1/2 players who want a decent room for as cheap as possible in a great location central to all other poker rooms and IP fits that bill every time.

  12. My issue with the IP is that they don't say anything about having an in-room safe, and that is something that is somewhat important to me when I go to Vegas. Not sure if there is a good way around this or not, wish I could figure something out due to the low cost of the IP.

  13. I didn't notice an in room safe but most casinos will let you use a safe deposit box at the cage.

  14. @cokeboy99

    IP rooms don't have a safe.


    What she said!

  15. @cokeboy99

    Casino Royale is cheap and they have in-room safes plus a small refrigerator....

  16. Calling J5o. I like it. Its always good when fish win. Good for the game. Good for me.

  17. TRB
    • TRB

    Your rush while having a few points out the wisdom of one of my rules to play poker by......never play against an opponent who is so drunk he/she needs to close one eye to read the cards.....they always beat me!

  18. Well I wasn't quite THAT drunk.

  19. Just my quick opinon on IP (stayed for 7 nights in 12/08). Loud! If you like to sleep in (after a long night), forget it. Do yourself a favor and stay at Harrah's instead. Location is about the same (same monorail stop as IP), much more quiet (and better curtains too). Depending on length of stay, you can usually get 3-5 free nights (Su-Th) and under $50 for Fri or Sat. Stayed there 12/09 and already booked for 6/10.

  20. TRB
    • TRB

    The check in staffs at both Harrahs and IP are both used to guests requesting rooms away from The Carnival Court and have honored the request in every instance I have heard about or been personally involved with.

  21. @djcc4

    I concur that Harrah's can be just as loud as IP, if you want a room away from Carnaval Court just ask. Last year I stayed in one of the upgraded rooms in Harrah's which was overlooking Carnaval Court and it was VERY loud but actually after my first day I kinda got into it. I seemed to notice it more during the day - not sure if it was quieter at night or I was just too "tired" to notice.

    FWIW, I am currently sat in a "standard" room at Harrah's which is towards the back of the property but facing the strip, with IP on my left. I can just see the roof of Carnaval Court from my room and could hear it yesterday but I wouldn't say it was loud.

  22. I like to sleep with ear plugs anyway. The maids banging on doors at 8 am wakes me up otherwise.

  23. Great report as usual. You know I also love the IP. It is definitely my hotel of choice when I am in Vegas.

  24. @AlaskaGal

    No way! Regardless of your hand it is not your fault. Of course, I prob would have showed my cards so he could see he was lucky his got mucked. Especially since with that hand I am happily getting it all in if necessary. I can fully understand why you didn't show as that might give away the fact that you knew what you were doing. Congrats on the big score!

  25. It was mostly the maids and the cleaning of the rooms around me that was ridonkulously loud. Plus, no in room safe. Believe me, at IP or Harrahs I ALWAYS stay as far away from CC as possible (Harrahs strip facing & IP rear facing). I leave my room before noon and usually arrive back after 3am. So I want quiet to sleep. IP just didn't cut it. That is not to say Harrahs does not have issues, but I even found the walls to be thin at IP vs. Harrah's (not that I measured other then the loudness of the neighbors.) As for the cutain issue, if it ain't dark, I ain't sleepin. I just found IP curtains did not close enough to keep out all the light. Maybe I should rent a coffin when I come to vegas. That might be tough for the bellhop to move for me though...


  26. I would not have split the pot it's just tough luck for him. If he would have just placed a chip on his cards this could have been avoided. If anything I would be pissed off if I were you because you probably would have stacked him from the way he was talking about his all might pocket queens with a king on the flop! :unamused: