Annual Poker Trip


I just got back from Las Vegas with 7 others from my weekly home game. We had a really great time.

I thought I would relay a few crazy hands and some funny stories.


This hand came up early in the morning at Caesars in a $1/3 game. I was in the big blind with Q-8 offsuit. Four players limp and the small blind folds. The pot = $14.

The flop is Q high with two spades. I bet $15. A player to my left calls all others fold. pot= $39 At this point I put V on a flush draw.

The turn is a non-spade 2. Seems pretty harmless. I bet $40. V calls. I still put V on a flush draw even though he is way overpaying for it. But a set or some type of weird two pair is also possible. Unless I improve on the river my plan is to check. Pot=$79

The river is a non-spade 3. I check. V bets $100 which could either be a value bet or a bluff with a missed flush draw. V bets $100. I decide the most likely hand is a missed flush and call. He shows 2-3 of spades Ughh!!!


I don't remember exactly how this hand played out but four of us, my friends Brian, PJ, Dan and myself, started a new $1/3 game at the Aria. Seated at the other end of the table was a biker looking guy who I will call Fred (name changed to protect the innocent.) To Fred’s right, seated next to Brian, was a somewhat quiet guy who I noticed was occasionally flipping through a poker book (title omitted to protect the innocent.)

Over the course of the next hour or so, Fred bought in for about $400. He made some really screwy plays like betting $4 into a $100 pot. Eventually I felted him for about $300. He said, ok guys I have had enough and left. After he leaves the table, the quiet guy tells us that the book he was reading was written by Fred. Fred sold it to him at the table and autographed it for him. Dan took a picture of me smiling and holding Fred's book.

A few hours later, we are walking back to Caesars and we see somebody walking in the same direction with Fred's book hanging out of his pocket. We told him about what happened and he said "Oh, that guy, he's awlful, we cleaned him out also."


Monday morning I went to breakfast at Paris. We had about an hour to kill before we left for the airport. I suggested we walk next door to Bally's for a change of scenery ( I had never played poker there.) My friends reluctantly agreed. The three of us get seated at a brand new $1/2 table. I did not bring money with me so I asked a friend to lend me some. he hands me three $100 dollar bills right as the chip runner arrives. I was only planning to buy in for $200 but the chip runner grabs the money and says "$300 behind." Ok, guess I am buying in for $300. We draw cards for the button and the player three seats to my right has the highest card. I will be under the gun for the first hand.

The dealer deals out the cards and I look down at two black Aces. Great start. I raise to $15. The player immediately to my left calls, another player calls, and my friend Dave raises to $30. Sweet! Then to my (pleasant) surprise, the Player to Dave's left raises all in for $215. Folds around to me and I raise all in for exactly $300. The Player to my left, who has already called $15 says repeatedly "I don't think I can fold this" tanks for a minute then calls for about another $100.

We flip the cards over and the Player to my left shows AK the Player who originally shoved shows KK. My AA holds up and I scoop a huge pot!

One more non-poker related hilight. We stopped in to the Cosmopolitan immediately after the AFC championship game to check it out even though there is no poker room. On the whole I did not care for the place and it was surprisingly empty. The casino floor was unbearably smokey which is surprising because one would think the newest place would have the best air filters. One big positive however was the buffet. It was far and away the best buffet I have been to in Las Vegas, if you get a chance definitely vheck it out.

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  1. @Krusherlaw ...don't have to tell the chip runner to please unrack them "over there" in front of "that guy."

  2. thx for sharing... I;m curious to hear who fred was. I don't see why you can't share it publicly. I don't think that's taboo. However, if you don't want to share publicly can you pm me? it's too amusing not to know.

  3. I remember reading a post about a guy called Frank Weise who was trying to off-load his poker book around Vegas. I wonder if it was him?

    The book review is worth a read !

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    The unanimous opinion in my group was that it is better than the Wynn's buffet.

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  7. @Krusherlaw

    The unanimous opinion in my group was that it is better than the Wynn's buffet.[/quote]

    How much $?

  8. @Local Rock

    The unanimous opinion in my group was that it is better than the Wynn's buffet.[/quote]

    How much $?[/quote]


  9. @Krusherlaw That's not bad (compared to other top end buffets on the Strip) if it's that good.