session 1 live game refresher @ Ballys: lost $40/hr with NO chasing just card dead but i accept that part of the game. only 3 tables running, non tourney, which surprised me for a Friday knight.

session 2: again @ Ballys cause there was NO game running @ the Mirage early AM. better results as i lost only $26 in 3 hrs. one had i was NOT involved in was interesting as V1 had pocket rockets,V2 had cowboys V3 had pocket ladies. all tough to give up and all 3 pushed after 3 blanks on the flop. a K on the turn and another blank on the river assured a victory for a large pot. unreal all in 1 had players had the top 3 hands.

session 3: AVP Tourney: great time for all. won enought hands to b me alive. finished 150 out of 356. acceptable. final hand i pushed with Qs Js and 5 blamks came,oh well it was fun 2 c yall again.

session 4: IP Mixed Game @ IP. I will always continue 2 learn how 2 play these games. bought in for $100 and left with $119 and after my BIG hand i pulled out. the final rounds of games was A-5 High/Low.
i was dealt rockets with a K and 2 blanks so i stayed and discard 2 with another A coming. second draw was a blank but i figured with trip aces i was kool. Brian G. continues to push on me as we r seated next to each other. third draw i got the 4th A and i know Brian is toast but i cannot say word 1 and i raise him and he falls into the trap BY CALLING,ty Brian. final betting round i think he knows he is in trouble so i check after he does. i also do some "hollywood" also for effect and i show QUAD ACES with K kicker.
Brian takes it like the man he is. he was most upset with the K kicker. sry Brian this would have been sweeter if it was NOT against my best friend.

c yall March 2012!!!!

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  1. Thanks SFR! See you in March, if not sooner...


  2. That is completely accurate. It was bad enough that in A-5 draw my 10 10 10 5 5 lost to A A A A , but the K kicker really set me off!

    I had a blast with you Dean. I do have to say you should have included our Sunday at Football Central at the Las Vegas Hilton in your trip report.