Bally's and Wynn.

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I played at Bally's since that's where we were having a party there. We stayed for 2 nights.
I have never played a hold'em ring game outside of my home game in canada.

The first night I played from 3am - 10am cause the room was filled any time earlier than that. Once I got in was a great experience!! The players and dealers were very friendly. The players I was playing with were also nice or I guess forced to be nice cause the dealers would charge a dollar everytime someone said a bad word which was really funny cause a lot of people swore and then laughed it off when they had to pay up. The waitresses weren't my cup of tea but ordering drinks at that time were very quick so it was nice and nobody didn't have to complain.

Being a first time player in a casino, I have to admit there were jitters.
I was playing the 2/4 hold'em table. As soon as I sat down, I felt the adrenelin set in as this was my first time.
I played pretty tight but then came the beat of the night. I held A10 when the flop hit 333.
I decided to play this hand as I was thinking, "hey, I already got trips" but the man 2 spots to my right had raised as he was dong all night so I called. The turn was an A. Now I had a full house so I raised and he played back. The river was now a blank and we raised each other again when he turned over the fourth 3 and took it down.

I took the beat well and played on. Then shortly after, I was dealt 58off in the big blind. It wasn't raised and the flop hit 5,A,8. I raised and got called and then another 8 on the river. I was up against the maniac player again and needless to say I got ALL my money back plus some. From then on the momentum swung to me and I was taking the table down. Before I knew it, it was about 10am and I had to go due to fatigue. I came back the next night an literally broke the table in 45min. being dealt hands precisely in this order. JJ-KK-KK-AA-AQ. At least I can say that I went home after playing for the first time and won! Can't wait to write my chapter if you know what I mean!

IT WAS A GREAT FEELING for playing live for the first time and winning!! I know have "one" story to tell everyone till my next time out!!

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