Beginners Luck at Harrah's in Kansas City

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Since I have 20 days before I set foot at TI, I deceided to try some 3/6 at Harrah's North Kansas City last night. I know it's not Vegas but it is a casino (if you can call it that). So I signed up and while waiting I watched the 4 tables going. I saw one of each kind of tables. 1 with rocks, 1 with fish, 1 with good players and 1 with all the Jr. High, raising to the limit, poker pro wanna be's. After about 10 minutes I get lucky and get the wanna be's table. OH JOY! YEAH RIGHT!
I sat down and played tight to obseve the kids more closely. There was 1 kid on the other side of the table from me talking smack and telling other players they were idiots like he was the pro from Vegas. He claimed to have played in the WSOP main event in 06, but I talked with the floor on break and he said when he checked his ID, he just turned 21 in Dec 06. I'm in my 40's so it must be that new math or something. I played a few hands and won a couple small pots for about an hour and had my $100 buy in to about $165. Only 2 real good hands to speak of.

1st hand I was behind the button and the wanna be's capped the bet to me. I look down at JQd and call since I can't raise with 5 of us in the hand. Flop is Jh 4h Qh. CRAP! Bets around to me I call the capped bets. Turn 3h. Betting starts, 2 fold I call w/o raising cause of the flush. River is Js. The whole time the WSOP kid is talking smack about having the nuts, I never said a word. Bets gets to the limit and WSOP shows Kh, other guy shows Ah and I slow roll my boat. WSOP starts with how can you play that, that is a stupid beginner play. I just raked in the chips.

2nd hand, I had already announced I'm out after the button passed me, I'm in 1st position which I hate and look down to see black A, black A. I raise and it's capped with 5 of us to the flop which brings Ah Kh 2h, CRAP again. So I bet and it gets capped with 1 folder. WSOP again with the I GOT THE NUTS ALL US LOSERS NEED TO FOLD. Turn Kd I bet till it's capped Wanna be still running his mouth. River blank. Bet is capped and WSOP out of position shows QJh and starts laughing saying I TOLD YOU LOSERS TO FOLD. As he's reaching for the chips I show my AA for the boat again. Can you believe WSOP again with the HOW CAN YOU PLAY THAT CRAP? I just smiled (since I kept my mouth shut all night I had to) and said CAUSE I'M A LOSER! He continues on his rant with, IF YOU PLAY LIKE THAT IN VEGAS YOU WILL GO BROKE. I informed him I would be there in 20 days and he was welcome to come and take my money. He said a few other things about how stuid I was but I just tuned him out. next hands were fold and as I got up to leave he said I should learn how to play poker. I told him I had $512 of his chips to take poker lessons with. That got him to drop the F bomb and the floor was right there and put him on the rail for 20 minutes.

1st buy in at a B&M and I think I did ok. Hope I improve at TI where I hope to meet a lot of AVPers. Thanks and sorry for this long winded post.

Like my grandma aways said "an empty wagon always makes more noise" I think she knew about that WSOP kid.

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  1. Very nicely done. I'll be out there May 1-5. Looking forward to it.

  2. Well played, it is usually bad form to slow roll, but it sounds like this is one case where it's justified. I'd love to do that, but usually when the betting ends and I have the nuts, I spike my hand like a wide reciever, and yell "Booya!" or something else as stupid.

    Good job, though, you never need to say anyting other than "nice hand" which, if the guy just hit his one out in the deck to beat you, the other good players will appreciate.

  3. Nice report. Thank you for contributing.

  4. @bigchip

    Uh, thats bad form too. Just turn your hand over and act like you have been there before.

  5. I JUST love players like THAT !!!
    They JUST think they know everything!!!
    Well if they know everything WHY ARE they SITTING at a 3/6 game ?
    They should be sitting at a 2/5 no limit or a tournament seat.
    The jist is that different people have different styles of playing poker.
    I consider myself tight conservative but sometimes I will admit that if I got a feeling in my stomache I might play something that isn't so great in terms of a starting hand. Poker is skill , luck, observation, and gut in my opinion.

  6. I mean you said it yourself… He was 21 in Dec 06 so maybe he was in a WSOP event. I honestly wouldn’t put it past him. Maybe he didn’t cash but I believe he spent money to enter at least.