Brother-in-law Birthday Bash Las Vegas Style

Reports & Blogs by eroxors about MGM Grand Posted

Arrived in LV late thur. night 2-26-09, took forever to check in at MGM. After a late snack, I tucked the wife into bed and went to try out the 1/2 NL. Ended up with a table full of rocks and a cold deck for the night, only played 1:15 until I was too tired to play well. -$5 for the night

Woke up early Fri. and decided to try out some roulette at a $5 table, it's fun! Ended up +$10. Headed over to Hooters with the guys for some of their "$3 Blackjack" which is completely bogus, they only have one table and it's always full. I used the $20 match play for PaiGow and I ended up losing $50 in PaiGow in about 5 minutes, I was like WTF? This is PAIGOW! you aren't supposed to lose quickly in this game. Tryied blackjack and donked off $50 in about 10 minutes. Tried their "$100 free slot play" and was fooled into believing you could actually cash it out, you have to hit the mega jack-pot or get 1700 credits to cash out ($5 slots), complete BS. The poker room was utter crap, two tables outside of the sports-betting room. I doubt they can ever get a game going, but if they did, you could certainly beat the game easily, judging by the demographic they target. -$100

Headed over to NYNY, come to find out they don't have a poker room... a shame because I really liked the casino. Ended up playing roulette again for +$20.

Went back to MGM for more poker, decided to try "shortstacking" since they allow $40 buy-ins. I bought in for $75 and got stacked when my semi-bluff A9o hit an ace on the flop and I got called down with JT that hit two-pair on the river. I re-buy and am cold-decked for another -$25 over the course of a couple hours players were also tag rocks. I decide to play some $2/4 limit and am delighted with the play, buy in for $100, cash out $80, but had a good time. -$120

Sat. I played some slots for -$20 and this awesome mechanical derby machine for -$3. I also took another shot at $1/2 NL and the third time was the charm, flopping 2 pair on an un-raised BB got me some looks, but I cashed out $210 on a $70 buy-in. I decided that I wanted to try another poker room so I walked down to Planet Hollywood (which is supposed to be next door?). There was no room there, just 10 or so tables outside of the bar. Play was easy though, teens/twenties who thought they were good. Ended up +$50, when my nut-flush held up to an idiot who thought he had something. Decided to try out Bill's $1 NL game, walked another half-mile and witnessed some weird domestic dispute along the way. I was second on the list when I arrived, but the other guy didn't show, so I got seated quickly. I decide do buy in for $100 because I'm not sure about the play. The room was unbelievably crappy and one dude was smoking with a foot outside the rail, lol. They rake with half-dollars so the dealers were getting crap for tips. I had not won a hand after three rounds, so I decide to move on when the BB comes around. +1 off the big blind I wake up to AA, raise it to $10, get called, get re-raised to 35, I shove with a confused look on my face, old man who doesn't know how to play pushes too, hippie dude who hasn't bathed in a few days calls too. Old-man tables JJ, hippie tables KK. Flop bricks them, river comes the K and I'm stacked. I was going to play roulette afterward, but decided against it. Went back to MGM, got solicited by two big black hookers, declined, and bought in to the craziest and most fun 3/6 game of my life. A table full of drunks + limit poker = awesomeness. Had some swings, but ended up +$25. +$85

Great trip overall, but really didn't have a whole lot of time for Poker because of group obligation, food, shows, etc.

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