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I'm in town for 7 days with the kids, staying in Green Valley.. (not the casino). Swimming and Adventure dome, and other stuff so no poker for the first 4 days. Took them to the 7pm Rio Masquerade in the sky... it's NOT for kids anymore. My 4 yr old says.. daddy that man is going to get sick without a shirt.. the later shows I'm told are even more adult.

Anyway I hate these reports when they are filled with fluff.. here's the poker.

I've always had success in AC playing 1-2NL. I probably could go to 2-5NL but I like having reads on most of the tables and winning 400-600 is just fine with me. The experience of winning and fun is more important than the chance to win 2k at 2-5NL... one day I'll move up but I'm happy for now.

I wanted to go to the Wynn, I called ahead 30 minutes, was 14th on the list, but at 7pm on a Friday what can I expect. When I got there I played $20 in the slots and then back to the small poker room.. still 14th.. grr...

So I run over to Caesars where my bro-in-law is playing the tournies.

I buy in for $300.. I didn't realize the max buy in was $500.

The tables are 9 handed. There were 2-3 true donkeys and about 2 fish (they came and went) over the 3.5 hr session.

It didn't take too long to get a read on the table. One or two players to play straight up, donkeys to wait for the big pair(s), and fishy type players who could be bluffed.

Noteable hands.. big wins all came from fish and donkeys.

I have the 2 black aces on the button and raise to $15 (standard is 12-15). I get 3 callers, and am not too happy about that. Flop is 4-2-10. Checked to me, I bet $30 and get one caller. Turn is a Jack (2 clubs on board but no matter). The gentleman looks at the $105 or so pot and pushes all in for $145. I couldn't imagine he was making such an overbet as his skill level, so I thought he might have 2 pair. I made the call and he flips 10-9!. River is a blank and right away I'm up to $450 or so.

Not too long later I have Q-4 diamonds. I don't remember all of the details but I rivered a flusn, bet $50 into the $50 pot and got a donkey to call. Stack near $600.

Another fish there kept looking at me when I bet, I think he was trying to get a read, so I let him have one! Probably my hand of the night. I have JJ and raise PF to $15 in the SB. I get 2 callers. Flop is AK4 (ugh...). I bluff $20 and both guys call. Turn is a 10. I check the $105 pot and they both check behind me! I know the fish has a small ace.. he's always playing any ace. The river brings the beautiful queen. I see him staring at me (I'm wearing sunglasses so he doesn't see me looking back). I throw a false tell.. I whisper with "lip clarity" so he can read me saying to myself "F it.. I'm gonna bet this pot". I bet $50 and he calls.. I show the straight.. he shows the Ace. Ha! Up to about $700.

One noteable hand.. I have Ad6s .. Flop comes AcKc4c. I bet $20 and a player and a donkey calls. Turn is Ah. I bet $30 and both players call. River is a 5c and I bet $50 into the $150 pot. The good player thinks and calls.. the donkey folds. I show A, he Shows Aj.. no clubs! His ace kicked it and he took down the $250 pot. That one hurt.

I had a number of donkeys suck out of me.. 5 outered twice. In one alomst monster hand I raised PF with Jh7h. Flop comes 3h6h7c. I bet $15 and a fish says to me.. "I know you didn't hit that after raising PF". He calls. Turn is a Qd. He then bets $25 into me. I waited.. and called. River was a blank 4. He bet $30 and I made the stupid call. He turns over QJ.. gosh a 5 outer.. that sucked. I got it back later on when I had red Aces and he called down my bets of $15 PF, $20, $25, and $30.

I make a few nice bluffs against some fish and get up to $800.. I ebb and flow from $700 to $800.. and at midnight the wifey tells me to call it a night.

Last hand of the night I have KJ and with a board of AA5Q9 and a pot of about $120 I and the same player who called my A7 also had KJ.. a lucky chop I thought, and I left at $780, up $480, near my high of about $815.

I might get another session in, I'll post that too (although, according to the wife, it's doubtful).

Poker session, +480
btw.. slots are not paying well. I lost $200 in the slots.. and another $250 at 3-card and Paigow. Boy am I a sucker.

p.s. Go to the South Point, they have a better Paigow setup, although they don't post the payouts for the Fortune bet. they don't pay you $19.50 on a $20 bet/win.. they give you $20 and put 0.50 in a box.. they keep doing this.. when the dealers switch you pay the house the box money, as you owe them. If you go broke you don't have to pay them.. that's awesome as you are playing with their 5%.

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  1. Nice report, I highly doubt, almost 100% sure you have to pay the 5% on paigow despite going broke. That method is just like baccarat commission which is faster to deal.

  2. im not sure, i saw people get up and leave with money in the box... maybe i was wrong.

    I hope to get some poker in tonight... just staying local, GVR maybe. On a Sunday night who knows what kind of crowds I'll see.