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Hi all,

Thanks so much to those of you who posted and encouraging me to get to vegas during/between the holidays. The rooms were still full and it was alot of fun. I was planning this mini-jaunt on my own but at the last minute a good friend joined me. Meaning I couldn't really be at the table from 7-11pm or from 7-11am (my absolute favorite time).

Anyway, I got to visit some new poker rooms, including a day downtown. I started at the Nugget (nice). I got in to a 1-2 NL table, but the action was crazy and the stacks were huge. I asked the floor man if I could get a move but he said all they had was 2-5. Interestingly enough, the stacks on 2-5 were about the same size (maybe even smaller) and the play, while it had action, was no-where near as insane. BTW: the floor was really helpful here. Played for a couple hours and had a good time, but I got outplayed by 2 players at the table who were just better than me (what are you gonna do?). Left down about $150.

Next was Binions and I was excited to play there for a bit. Unfortunately, it was a quarry. My table was rocky, and sullen. I finally got cards here but I couldn't get paid. I finally floped a boat and bet 250% all the way to the river so Mr. "I love my money" would chase his frickin nut flush...and he hit it. Any way, he didn't put me on the boat, even after my reraise, so I left that session up just under $300. I really wanted to play the Binions tourny, but it just wasn't in the cards this trip.

Finally played at the MGM, and this is more my speed. I am a decent player so I don't want to play against good players. No, I want to play against players at the MGM. Players who play online in between thier classes. Players who respond to being called, by telling you exactly how wrong you were (statistically speaking) to call them. Whiny, snot-nosed, deluded, someday I'll be on the WPT, frat boys. I LOVE 'EM! Cha Ching:) I didn't really get great cards, but alot of suited connectors that I played in position. Anyway, my table mates slow-played everything and let me catch up time after time. After I hit my flush on the river, they would decide to get aggressive with thier set. One thing, every table in that room had a least 1 or 2 agressive semi-pros types. But they were pretty easy to spot and I just stayed out of thier pots. An all day session of 1-2 NL ended with me up over a grand. Which led to....

The Wynn. My new motto: Just because you have some money doesn't meen you have to gamble with it. I played in thier non-capped 2-5 game. I thought I played pretty but, except I let myself get pushed off too many hands. Obviously, there was some big money in the New Years eve, and they would just put me to massive decisions every time I caught any kind of hand. I didn't have the stomach for it and ended up down $700 for the session. How can you lose so much money getting pushed off hands you ask? Well I took a stand at the right time, and was the victim of an ungodly suck out. Simply, I floped a big boat and got pushed all in by a guy on the nut flush draw. Turn an river make the board Quads and he taked it with his Ace kicker. Which led too...

The Monte Carlo. This is my go to room when I don't want to think to hard. Wonderful people having a good time, who love to call. Yeay! Ended that session up about $85, would have been more, but one of the guys who called my 2 pair on the river had a straight. But he didn;t know he had it. It sounds upsetting but it was actually really fun--everyone was so excited.

Anyway, I won about 500 for the trip and had some fun. I'm heading back in 2 weeks and had some questions which I'll post in other threads of the forum.

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