Damaged my bank roll in 8 day poker run!


Damaged my bank roll in 8 day poker run!

Tried the $20 trick at check-in at the Golden Nugget and it worked.  They moved us to the "gold tower" which I assume is an upgrade.

Just a couple of key experiences...

Tried some .50/$1 nlhe at Bill's.  I am normally TAG but used this game to experiment with a LAG style for a $90 profit in a couple of hours.  I thought it funny that a burnt out looking dude bought in for $20 and put on sunglasses.  I guess he didn't want to burn through a Jackson by offering up some tells...

Played a few sessions at Aria.  Always a good room and I made $700 over a couple of sessions there.  On Friday night, I got in the 1/3 nlhe list that had 45 names on it.  The staff was great, they started cash games on tables as tourny tables broke.  I was seated at a table right next to a table  where Shaun Deeb, Phil Hellmuth, one of the Mizrachi brothers and a couple more guys were playing Chinese Poker.

I played the WSOP Daily Deepstack $235 tourney but only got a couple of hands and busted when I jammed AJ into AQ.

I played one of the Golden Nugget Grand Series $125 (+$10 add on) events.  This is absolutely the best structure I've seen for a low limit tourny.  I was doing well for over 10 hours keeping about an average stack most of the time.  We had just consolidated to 2 tables, 20 remaining, 18 to get paid, when I got TT.  Lady in front of me jams preflop.  I figured this was my spot to try to get chipped up so I called all in.  She turns over the other two tens.  This was somewhat of a relief until the board ran out with four diamonds, giving her a flush.  What are the odds, I mean seriously, what are the odds?

Ran into some bad luck at Bellagio while playing 2/5 nlhe.  There were some LAGs there that I was hoping to trap.  In one hand I check shoved with AK and ran into QQ which held up, leaving me stacked.  Then in another hand I saw a flop and hit a set with 22 on a dry 10 high board.  I bet, he raised, I 4  bet shoved my stack which was insta-called by TT.  Let's all say it together, "awwww, set over set".  Theses two hands made the difference between a break even trip and a losing trip.

Played the $100 no rake AVP tourney.  I nearly doubled up by hitting a set of fours but then ran my KK into AA.  Then I realized how tired I was and that I needed to pack for my flight the next day so I spewed off the rest of it and rolled on the crowded Deuce back to the G-Nugg.

In other threads, I've recommended using the Deuce to get around the strip.  I still recommend it but this time the crowds and slow traffic made it unenjoyable.  I do recommend using the city bus to go to and from the airport, about 30 minutes and $2 each way..

Great trip... Next time I'll stay on the strip and play the aria more often...

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  1. Nice trip report. Thanks for sharing. You and others are convincing me to add Aria to my list of rooms. I tend to go to Bellagio or Wynn right now but I'll have to try Aria.

  2. I still chuckle whenever I hear/read about the $20 trick lol.

    Great TR! Thanks for posting. Glad you were able to make it to AVP XVI!

  3. Good trip report; sounds like a fun time overall. I've heard good things about the strip-downtown express bus, but not something I've tried personally.

    About 2-2.5%.


  4. WHats the $20 trick at the golden nugget?

  5. Slip a 20 to the person when you are checking and you might get a better room or a room with a view or some perk.

  6. Good trip report. I do know what you mean about how just one or two hands can have a large impact on the overall plus/minus profit on a trip. However, I am not sure if it really is that, or if it just SEEMS like it.

    It is a little bit like a close basketball game where a few missed free-throws near the end seem to be what accounted for the loss and the play over the other three quarters is forgotten.