Discovered the Wynn poker room and loved it


This was a 9 day trip, mostly for poker, come for leisure. This is not going to be a lengthy report as I cannot ever read those, I get bored with other peoples little details.

Poker at the Golden Nugget: had a session with "the best poker player in the world" (self proclaimed) who bought in for $2000 at a 1/2 table. Came to bully everyone around, ended up giving us his stack. Easy money and usually there is easy money at the GN but the lighting is so horrible, you can't stand it for very long.

Poker at Binions: wtf happened here? no action, no players, no fun at all. no more at Binions.

Poker at the Venetian: was our favorite poker room until this trip. biggest game spreads, easy to get a seat, excellent lighting. problem here is there isn't much money on the 1/2 table. anyone with a stack goes to the 2/5 table and leaves the 1/2 tables short. i could move up but i don't feel i'm ready. the 12pm deep stack tournament at the venetian, however, is fantastic and the best regular tourney in vegas.

Poker at the Wynn: our new favorite poker room. they play 1/3 here instead of 1/2 and there is more money on the table. the dealers are fantastic, the room is well lit. the players are loose and it's easy to make money if you are patient. only downside at the wynn, the food service takes FOREVER! took me 2 hours from start to finish to get a sandwich. we moved up to 2/5 at this casino in the end as we did pretty well.

great trip all in all. going back in april, can't wait.

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