First Trip to Vegas...First Time Playing in Brick and Mortar Cardrooms

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Played mostly at the Luxor. Very friendly, won at the limit tables (when the calling stations weren't lucky), lost at the NL games (drunk kids and Gus Hansen-wannabes). HIDEOUS bad beat at the 2pm tourney at Binions. Nice tournament, so much history there, tourney area is separate from the cash games. I lost with a set to runner-runner str8 and first one out. Poor guy got hell from the rest of the table and the dealer since he had no business calling my all in. Tourney director comped lunch for me...and told me later same guy lost to runner-runner flush. I did not like the Excalibur's cardroom. No atmosphere, the dealers were pretty blah, and most players had no skill. Was at a table with a woman who couldn't fold a hand if her life depended on it. Another player dripping in silver and vodka couldn't understand cellphones are not allowed at the table. Watched the first day of the 5 Diamond Classic at the Bellagio. Met Annie Duke and Scotty Nguyen during a break, and both of them were VERY nice to me. Saw some idiot reach over the rail and try to talk to Jennifer Harman during a hand...the look she gave him was priceless. The cardroom at the Bellagio is always full. The 4/8 game had 20+ on the waitlist on a Tuesday evening. I can't wait to go back.

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