Five Session Two Rooms up $1500.00

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Played a total of Five Sessions over four days, Four at MGM, one at Monte Carlo. The first session was not profitablce, as the only seat available at the MGM was a 3/6 Limit game. If you are a true poker player, say away from that game. All bets are capped by the players, and it goes to the river every hand, so flop the nuts and make monet, or draw to the nuts and make money, but beware top pr is not good here. Lost around 80.00. Moved to a 1/2 no limit table, and things got better, made it back plus 40.00. Session II, lunch time at the Monte Carlo. Great game, players with money to play 1/2 no limit action was great. Bought in for 200.00 cashed out for 700.00. Hit one bonus hand of the straight flush that paid 91.00. They have a nice hand bonus, anh with 40 hours of play, you get invited to a 50,000 free roll. Not Bad. The remiander of the trip was at the MGM, Averaged about 250.00 up per session of 3 hours, it is important to get a feel for the table, many tables have more action than others, so if action is what you want be sure you look around to see where the chips are flying. 10 PM to 3 AM is the best time to play. Good LucK!

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  1. congrats on your win

    coincidentally, i am going to be staying at the monte carlo for 5 nights next week and was planning on playing primarily at the monte carlo and the mgm- mainly 1/2 no limit and possibly some 4/8 limit and up

    You mentioned that you played at the monte carlo during the early afternoon?
    was there good action at that hour? how would you compare the two rooms? and where do you think i should spend the majority of my time?
    monte carlo during the day and mgm at night?

    hope i have as good a run as you...any further comments on these two rooms and comparison would be appreciated


  2. I liked the Carlo during the day say, 11-3, I did nit play the tourney simply because I prefer cash. I woul stay away from limit, and stick to 1/2 or 2/5 no. The day game was great,and bonus jackpots at the Carlo are great. MGM is a party, after 8,until 3 or 4 in the morning, you will get great action. After my early morning bad experience with 3/6 limit,you can never go wrong with the MGM anytime. Spend the first few blind rounds figuring out the players. If you play positon and raise the button or cutoff, you will do well. You just need to recognize the players from those who want the experience. Also there is money at the Carlo, and my experience was the players were not afraid to put their money in. 1 to 2 locals at the table, not hard to figure who.

    Best of luck, push all in ok, call allin ?