Four days of poker


I played the Caesar's tourney twice and loved it. For $130 (with add-on; everyone gets it), you start with 4,500 in chips with blinds starting at 25-50 and 40 minute rounds. Unlike other tourneys with buy-ins in this range, where the chip/blind ratio turns the event into bingo in 45 minutes or an hour, this structure allows for a lot of play. With 60 or 70 people starting, there were still 20 left three hours in. I didn't cash, but made great comebacks both times (once, from 50 to 12,000 before crashing).
The Bellagio 2-5 NL cash game, with fixed $200 buy-in, creates a lot more action than the typical 1-2 Blind low buy-in NL. Note: the Caesar's tourney and Bellagio cash game attract tougher competition than their counterparts, but this is the cheapest NL game at Bellagio, so the best players are playing in much bigger games.

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