Friday Night with Two Very Interesting Players

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I had been playing at TI and was in the suckout seat, so I left and decided just for giggles to go to the Palms and play there for awhile. If I bust out there, at least I'll only be 5 minutes from home. I got there and got on the list. I waited for awhile and then I was seated at the table in the back. One of the players was a gorgeous blond, very talkative, friendly, didn't take any crap from anyone. Her name was Jenny McCarthy...yes, THAT Jenny McCarthy. She was just relaxing, having fun, and playing good cards..I think I only saw her bluff once, and even then she was bluffing with outs. No one gave her any crap...she was just wanting to play poker and have fun. For the record, she's even prettier in person. I was doing ok for awhile at this table, and then my cards when cold...AK losing to AQ when the queen hits on the river, etc. She left after I'd been there a couple of hours and we kept playing until a couple of other players left. I asked for a table change and wound up at a table with poker pro Paul Magriel on my immediate left. I know, I know...what was a pro doing at a 1-3 game, right? I wasn't gonna question it, I just wanted to play with him for awhile. He is a very nice man, very friendly...and yes, he is as nuts in person as on TV. He did make the 'quack-quack' bets several times, and he had it. He had the smarts to adjust the game to know he wasn't going to be able to bluff much since the stakes were low and everyone was wanting to 'beat the pro'. He actually played pretty tight. He won a couple of big hands and showed a set of deuces once and KK another time. He left after I'd been there about an hour and the rest of us stayed and played on. I moved into his seat and went on a rush...flopped aces full once, hit a set a couple of times...there were a group of guys from Boston in for the SEMA show and the big donator was on my right. He was calling allins with 2nd pair, bad kicker, etc. He rebought once and then ran his stack up to over 1k, and then donked it off again. I only hit him for a pot once...darn. This table was perfect..the players were friendly, talkative, just the right amount of aggression. I hated to leave but it was 6am and I was exhausted, so I left, up $665. All Friday nights should be like this...=)

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  1. Paul Magriel on my immediate left. I know, I know...what was a pro doing at a 1-3 game, right?

    He is often seen playing low buy in tournaments and small cash games.

  2. Nice take for one night's work. Doesn't it make you want to quit the travel biz and turn pro?! :wink:

  3. THAT is a scary thought. The thing I didn't mention was the suckouts and bad beats I was getting at TI earlier in the evening. The guy was always showing down K4 off or A3 and hitting his two outer. I have a hard time with that happening twice a week, can you imagine twice a day?... :grin:

  4. So Jenny is hotter in real life.

    Is Paul's nose even more hugely disfigured in real life?